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Wonder Woman on the CW

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Wonder Woman on the CW

A New Show

By Robert T. Trate     September 06, 2012
Source: Vulture

With the dust the of NBC's Wonder Woman settling and the hype of the Avengers dollars running through Hollywood it seems that the Amazon may get another crack at it. 

Vulture's sources say: "the new take on the comic book crime fighter is being written by Allan Heinberg (Grey's Anatomy, The O.C.) under the working title Amazon. Unlike past TV incarnations, it will focus on Wonder Woman as a young, budding superhero, rather than a fully formed defender of liberty. (Think Smallville, but instead of a "no tights, no flights" rule, this show might have a "no bracelets, no crown" mandate.) Heinberg seems a logical candidate for the job: His resume includes work on the kinds of soapy dramas the CW favors as well as comic-geek street cred (he wrote the Young Avengers comic book series back in 2005).

It should be noted that CW is only developing a script at this point; no pilot production has been greenlit or even contractually guaranteed.  (The network, along with WBTV and D.C., declined comment) But if a pilot is filmed, and a show gets ordered, it will be a major accomplishment for WBTV and D.C., since rebooting WW (outside of animation) has proven challenging in the three decades since the campy Wonder Woman TV series wrapped its three-year run on ABC and CBS in 1979. Most recently, there was the aforementioned Kelley take. It was pitched to various networks in the fall of 2010, apparently rejected by broadcasters, but then picked up by NBC in early 2011. After Kelley turned in his pilot, however, the Peacock made the decision to not move forward with a series. Likewise, Joss Whedon had long been attached to a film take on Wonder Woman. That never came to fruition, either, and Whedon is now busy with another comic franchise these days".
Check out Josef Adalian’s full story here on Vulture.com.
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Phetus 9/6/2012 9:47:54 PM

 At this point, it seems that the cinematic comic book universe is ruled by Marvel. With the exception of Nolan's Batman (which has no real place in the comic book world that they wanted to create leading up to a Justice League film) 

Smallville was a decent show, and I'm excited about Arrow, hoping that DC can at the very least take the small screen universe. They should have shows about each of the Justice League members, and pull them together in a film. 

Or they could end up bombs like the Birds of Prey series, and the scrapped Greysons show. I guess Batman just wasn't meant to exist on TV in a serious non-campy nature.

Hookedonavengers2012 9/6/2012 10:17:26 PM

 I am dying to know, what franchise is itWhedon is busy with? They never said in the article.


Hookedonavengers2012 9/6/2012 10:18:54 PM

 Maybe if Wonder Woman would hit Marvels casting couch shed have better luck! 


thezillaman 9/6/2012 10:42:10 PM

gina carano would make a fine ass WW.

thezillaman 9/6/2012 10:49:41 PM

on this new take of WW, they are making it sound like WW is going to look like Xena's Warriors Princess side kick, just plain and dull. what the fuck is so hard to just make a WW movie or tv. show? DC has no faith at all in anything they do except cartoons. god i hope man of steel works out for DC.

Moz72 9/7/2012 12:31:03 AM

Arrow..Amazon..all we need now is Steel, Bat, Lantern and finally...League!

Dazzler 9/7/2012 3:57:39 AM

I don't get either how Wonder Woman can't figure out how to get to tv or movies?  Seems like a no brainer to me.  I don't read the books and probably a lot of people also so they can do whatever they like but seem to keep missing with arguebly the most famous woman super hero of them all, DC or Marvel. 

ElBaz13 9/7/2012 5:22:42 AM

@Moz72. LOL! No kidding. It's like they want to sound "hip" and not use actual superhero names. I could almost see the "cool" tagline. "Amazon, based on the best-selling graphic novel".  Let's not forget Flash. They could call it Speed or Fast. Don't forget Aqua, Mars and Hawk.

This is stupid. Why even bother? I could see problems come up with TV Wonder Woman vs movie Wonder Woman. etc...

DC/WB. You suck.

goldeneyez 9/7/2012 6:09:15 AM

I'm kind of tired of folks trying to take the "Super" part out of Superheros.  Wonder Woman is a comic character based on Greek mythology.  Those heroes typically got gifts and boons from the gods... hence bracelet, tiara, magic lasso making sense with that character.  To take those away pretty much makes her Xena in the modern age.  I guess I just feel like if you have such disdain for the tropes that come with Wonder Woman, don't do Wonder Woman.  Create an entirely different character where you don't have to worry about pissing off your initial built in fanbase, e.g. comic fans.

DarthBob 9/7/2012 6:19:46 AM

@goldeneyez...totally agree!  If you're not going to make Wonder Woman super then just make a TV show about some modern day Amazon broad with large breasts fighting crime in LA.  DC's approach to making CBMs blows major chunks.

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