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ALLY McBEAL creator to develop show

By Rob M. Worley     October 01, 2010
Source: Live Feed Blog

Wonder Woman
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After burning through numerous film producers, director attachments and star attachments, and a constant stream of screenplays, the focus of DC Entertainment's Wonder Woman developments is now on the small screen.

The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed Blog says TV uber-producer David E. Kelley of Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and Boston Public fame is on board to write and produce a TV series based on DC Comics' Amazonian warrior.

At present there is no timeline for the production of the show. Warner Bros has declined to comment on the report.


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Tevii 10/1/2010 3:51:28 PM

A Live action show .

I think Wonder Woman is one of the rare female characters that could make an EXCELLENT movie, but this could be cool.

If its successful, it can prove to the visionless,  dumb-ass decision makers at Warner Bros. that they have a potential movie franchise

GothicStorm 10/1/2010 4:16:59 PM

It is interesting how Warner Bros. declined to comment on the report... Is this perhaps fabricated? Maybe it was made up due to Smallville coming to a close. But then again, didn't we just see her on the small screen about 10 years ago? Oh wait, that was Xena Warrior Princess of Amazonia. :P

I did love the old classic WW tv show though. It could work nowadays and imagine the list of guest stars it might have.

guygardner1 10/1/2010 5:47:25 PM


MEGAN GALE for the big screen :(


CaptAmerica04 10/1/2010 5:57:16 PM


westend 10/1/2010 6:48:00 PM

 no interest what so ever.

almostunbiased 10/1/2010 6:51:00 PM

Wonder Woman sucks.  That said Linds Carter was AMAZING!!!

thatguy1 10/1/2010 6:52:42 PM

I really hope this is true.  So long as they don't try to "Smallville" it.  Having seen the pix of Laura Vandervoot as Kara in her dark hair and glasses, she'd be in my mix of candidates for the role.  She really does look like Linda Carter in those pictures!

More likely they'll find an unknown.  I vote for Linda Carter as Steve Trevor's mom and Lucy Lawless as Hippolyta.  If he wasn't already doing Castle, I'd love Nathan Fillion as Steve, although he might be a bit old if they go for a young-ish WW.

For my money, it makes the most sense as a WWII drama, with villains like Per Degaton, Vandal Savage, Baron Blitzkrieg and (borrowing from Captain Marvel's rogues gallery) Captain Nazi.  I doubt they'll go that route, since it's cheaper to produce it by setting it in the modern era, but I can dream.

Actually, there is another option, in that they could set it in the 70's like "Life On Mars" and then tie it to the Smallville version of the Justice Society, but I doubt that'll happen.  Still a nice thought though.

In either period piece they would have the opportunity to bring in some of the lesser known DC heroes like Wildcat, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle and such, but most likely I'm just dreaming again.

If they go modern (which they likely will) then I'm ok with an update to the costume (something between the classic spangled bathing suit look and Xena would work well on film) or some very clever way to get the classic costume into play (for the record, WB, I can think of at least 2 ways to do this that would pass the "real world" test, call me), but please, please, please dispense with the idea that the spangled bathing suit is coming with Diana from Paradise Island.  What "ambassador" shows up in her underwear?

Go WW!  I've been hoping for a film for years, to no avail, so I'm really jazzed about this!

thatguy1 10/1/2010 7:06:56 PM

Oh, and if anyone doubts that WW can be done seriously and still be good, check out last year's Wonder Woman animated feature from DC's PG-13 lineup.  One of the best super hero films I've ever seen, animated or live action. 

It gives me hope that we might see a live action version of classic villains like the Cheetah, Brainwave, Vandal Savage and more. 

Rockhead 10/1/2010 8:46:09 PM

I can't say that I'm looking forward to it, because I never liked any of the TV shows that the producer previously worked on. Ally McBeal? Seriously?

millean 10/1/2010 8:57:27 PM

I have my doubts as to how legitimite this may be.  I only hope they do a faithful adaptation, and not try to Smallville-ize it.  If this is done well, we will eventually get a movie.  If this tanks.... I hate to think of how long it would take her to get to the big screen.

All that said, I hope it is true and hope they knock it out of the park.  I'd love Megan Gale if she can carry the show, and I'm a big How I Met Your Mother fan, and wouldn't mind seeing Cobie Smulders get it either.  If it is done well, then I really don't care who gets it.


Don't screw this up, DC!

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