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Duggernaut 3/30/2009 3:17:06 PM

Screw the teenage boys, if the chick is hot I will be there with binoculars!  I knew wonder woman will eventualy hit the big screen cause her theme song prophesized it to come.....

All the world is waiting for you
and the power you possess
In your satin tights
fighting for your rights
And the old red white and blue

Now the world is ready for you
and the wonders you can do
Make a hawk a dove
stop a war with love
Make a liar tell the truth

All our hopes are pinned upon you
and the magic that you do
Stop a bullet cold
make the axis fold
change their minds and change the world

Wonder Woman!

darkheart00 3/30/2009 4:16:27 PM

Dear Orci and Kurtzman,

The perfect balance of western and Sci-Fi was already done, it was called "The Galaxy Rangers".

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 3/30/2009 4:31:55 PM

Funny that...I thiught it was Firefly that was the best combination of both.  Just for this movie take the futuristic stuff away from the cowboys.

darkheart00 3/30/2009 5:42:32 PM

Yeah, you are absolutely correct the brown coats rule.

I was feeling nostalgic though :)

maskrado01 3/31/2009 7:46:42 AM

For Wonder Woman, I think they should cast someone who is unknown in the States, but a seasoned, international superstar to the rest of the world, like:

Mexican singer/actress Patricia Manterola http://www.patriciamanterola.com/

Bollywood star Kat Kaif http://www.kat-kaif.com/

or Greek singer Helena Paparizou http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elena_Paparizou


I also thought that casting an African-American star like Beyonce might remove some of the lily white bias (and the undercurrents of early-to-mid 20th Century racism) from the pantheon of iconic superheroes.

Wiseguy 3/31/2009 1:10:01 PM

Yeah, someone like Beyonce as Wonder Woman would equal SUCK ASS.

gauleyboy420 3/31/2009 1:35:23 PM

As long as she has CURVES, and I mean CURVES!!!!

Now I like a thin girl with lil ******* as much as I like a thick girl with curves, SO WW has to be a WOMAN WITH HIPS, ASS, AND T*TS.

Sorry thats the way it's gotta be.

A skinny chick like the turbo hot Megan Fox as WW would be like Batman with no pointy ears.

gauleyboy420 3/31/2009 1:36:26 PM

The chick from "Spanglish" is pretty much PERFECT for the role.

gauleyboy420 3/31/2009 1:41:25 PM

AND I'm the farthest thing from a bigot...I have a gay friend, a black friend, and a Jewish friend


(That was a joke everybody)


But no no Beyonce as WW, I like Beyonce, she's gorgeous, but No not as WW. I wouldn't support Will Smith as Superman either.

I know it's not fair but those icons were created by white jewish guys in the 1930's/40's and they're icons not only to white people, but to all people. It just so happens they are white.


If race isn't (and shouldn't be) an issue, then why is it important that we break up the "Pantheon of White heroes". I think what we need is a surge of morte really fleshed out non-white characters.


For instance I liked Hancock, I'd like to see more Hancock movies.

Not attacking, just askin'

It's how I learn...

Wiseguy 3/31/2009 1:54:19 PM

Agree with your point gauley, though not with Hancock. But loved the Blade films, would love a Black Panther film, Stewart GL or a Luke Cage or WarMachine film. There are already good black characters out there. They just need to adapt them to film already. And hopefully they'll turn out better than Steele

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