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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: And the title of the new BATMAN movie is...

By Patrick Sauriol     February 26, 2004
Source: Warner Bros.

The symbol of Gotham City's Dark Knight, Batman.
© Warner Bros.
For months rumors have swirled about around what the title of Christopher Nolan's new BATMAN movie would be. During most of the latter half of 2003 speculation arose that the working title for the project was the enigmatic BATMAN: INTIMIDATION GAME, suggesting that whatever was being planned for the Dark Knight this time the stakes would be higher than before. Still, through location scouting reports, leaks about the film's rumored storyline and even official casting announcements, no official title was ever announced for the project, leaving fans to wonder if INTIMIDATION GAME was nothing more than a mirage.

But now we can exclusively report to you what the official title is for the new BATMAN. It's not BATMAN: INTIMIDATION GAME, which we've now learned was the project's pre-production code name during its early development cycle. Now that Nolan's film is moving into the active phase of its production, this title will be what Warner Bros. will be refering to the film during the duration of its shoot (which begins next month) and as it moves ever forward towards its release in the summer of 2005. Let the rumors be finally put to rest:

The official title of the movie is BATMAN BEGINS.

You heard it here first!

[Special thanks to Warner Bros. for switching on the Bat-signal once again.]

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