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Worst. Game. Ever.

What games scraped the bottom of the barrel? You'll soon find out.

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     November 07, 2003

Normally in the Gamers' Thumb, we try to discuss things that are currently on our minds or upcoming games that we think will be fun or innovative. But this week, we decided to take a look at the other side of video gaming, the side that not many people want to discuss: the bad games.

"Being a video game reviewer for a living, you come across your fair share of bad games; in other words, you have to play through a lot of them. Now, you have the normally bad games (which are okay and sometimes playable) and then you have the games that shouldn't be touched. The latter

A screenshot from THE HOBBIT.

group is what I'm talking about now. RUNE VIKING WARLORD for the PlayStation 2 automatically comes to mind. The game came from Take 2 Interactive, but the game obviously needed a few more takes before it was ready. It looked bad to start off with, but the game's controls made it virtually unplayable. The only reason my copy still exists is because no one would believe a game this bad could be made if I didn't show them. Also, the Xbox action game STAKE, obviously inspired by POWER STONE, has to be on up there as well. The game played so poorly that I can't help but mention it. Of course, my list can't be complete without SUPERMAN 64, undoubtedly the worst game Titus has ever put out. The game was unplayable and the game seemed like it was 20% completed when it was released. " Troy

"The worst games ever. If one game seems to define the category 'Worst Game Ever' it would have to be SUPERMAN 64. A game that probably doomed Titus' company image, SUPERMAN 64 had absolutely awful gameplay. The levels fell apart around you, there were tons of glitches, but most importantly, the game wasn't even close to being fun. It's a damn shame, since SUPERMAN is such a great license. Another old-school (pre-Nintendo) game was IMPOSSIBLE MISSION on the Atari 7800. What was the problem with it? It was impossible. It was

This Nintendo 64 SUPERMAN game should be avoided like red kryptonite.

actually impossible to complete the game as you needed something you couldn't get to. Talk about bad game, we don't even really know how it ended! (Although later versions fixed it, and were actually pretty good, that glitch alone earns it mention here)
 Another set of games that are generally pretty bad are Sony's Disney games for the PlayStation. They are weak platformers that don't really do much more than amuse the younger ones in the family. RTX RED ROCK was also a recent stinker, as it tried to combine too many elements into one package, and P.N. 03 just reeked. For every really good game, there's at least a one really bad one, and those are the ones that come to mind. " -

RUNE VIKING WARLORD needed more development time.



The Xbox version of COUNTER-STRIKE has gone gold...Nintendo has finally revived the production of GameCube systems, with the production having been on hiatus since January...The website for MAGIC THE GATHERING: BATTLEGROUNDS has opened...Microsoft reports that last weekend was the busiest weekend for Xbox Live yet, with over 83,000 players online on Sunday November 2...



P.N. 03

a very tough week to pick out a game of the week. You've got MARIO PARTY 5 for the GameCube, THE HOBBIT for PC, PS2, Xbox and GameCube, RATCHET AND CLANK 2: GOING COMMANDO for the Playstation 2, SPHINX AND THE CURSED MUMMY for the Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube, GOBLIN COMMANDER for the Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube, and MEDAL OF HONOR: RISING SUN for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube. Whew! I think if you pick up any of those titles you'll find yourself fairly satisfied.

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