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WOW, I am in shock.

Vol. 2

By Karl Schneider     May 28, 2006

X-MEN 3 teaser poster.
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Holy flying cows! I figured X-Men: The Last Stand would be huge, but this huge? No way, can't be, not gonna happen.

In case you don't follow the box office day to day, X-Men: The Last Stand grossed an eye popping $44.1 million on it's opening Friday, placing it behind only Star Wars: Episode III ($50m). A Friday gross of that size means that the movie could very likely grab the title of BIGGEST Opening Weekend ... EVER.

The record is currently held by Spider-Man which hauled in an astounding $114,844,116 during it's first weekend. I guess this just goes to show you how big comic book adaptions are these days. Kids don't seem to want to READ the comics, but obviously the premise still intrigues them as much as it did past generations. Marvel and DC are simply finding new avenues to reach their audiences.

I enjoyed X-Men: The Last Stand, but I didn't enjoy it that much. I wish a better film held the crown, and to be honest ... I expect it to change hands very shortly. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 comes out later this summer, and will be absolutely massive. It has the fan base to do break the record and I fully expect it to do just that. Oh and we can expect the next Spiderman film to make a run at the record the following Summer.

Little Tid Bit

I will be conducting an interview with James Darren this upcoming week. You may know him from one of the many projects he has been a part of over the years, including but not limited to: The Time Tunnel, Melrose Place, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, etc, etc. Far to much to list!

Look for the interview to pop up on the site soon, and if you have any questions for James, feel free to email me at I am hoping to throw in one question from a reader during the interview, so if you can think of anything, drop me a line. If you don't want to be named when your question is asked, please provide an alias.

That's it for this week. Until next time ...


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valaryc 5/28/2006 9:05:10 PM
Despite people's many gripes with Routh and the costume, mark my words... Superman Returns is going to bury X-Men 3 at the box office, its going to own this summer. =V=
almostunbiased 5/30/2006 9:26:03 AM
I hope there's another. I couldn't be more upset if there's not. I hated the way it ended. Loved the movie, just hated the ending.
almostunbiased 5/30/2006 9:27:00 AM
Oh and the studio must be in shock too, or they wouldn't have written off the series. Hopefully they will rethink.
almostunbiased 5/31/2006 7:48:14 AM
I wouldn't make an estimate until I've heard reviews. As good or bad as some reviews are, they play a roll. Critics and viewers both liked Pirates, so more and more people kept coming. If it gets bad reviews, it will still open big, but will die off sooner. Same with supes.
almostunbiased 6/1/2006 10:33:46 AM
I just said sooner.
lern2swim 6/1/2006 4:04:02 PM
Mark my words. Superman will not be as huge as some people expect.


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