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Our Favorite Con Exclusives!

By Jarrett Kruse     July 11, 2013

As the advent of Con-Culture continues to infiltrate the mainstream, a new breed of collectors have been spawned—the Con Exclusive Collector. It was only time before regular Joe’s realized that we geeks had something under our sleeves and that these events we were going to would eventually become a very big deal. And an enormous place to launch and announce new products for the year to come. The granddaddy of them all is the San Diego Comic Con held next week and it brings out all of the stops and is all about everything we love. Celebs, artists, writers, directors and industry buzz around the town for five days hawking all of their baubles and turning top dollar at the Maybach of conventions. For toy junkies like myself Con can become a daunting parade of waiting and a little bit of luck in order to get what you travelled across the country to spend your paycheck. Suddenly toy collectors were sprouting up from everywhere and everyone was after the coveted Exclusives. It is damn fun and damn expensive; I can testify to that. There is no greater geek stamp than getting your SDCC Exclusives in person and surviving to tell the harrowing tale. It may be toys but it is serious business. Below are the TOP 10 SDCC Exclusives in recent memory that MANIA has counted down to after going through years of Comic Con past to unearth the most amazing and sometimes expensive plastic goodness. Make sure to discuss on my Facebook Page and join ACTION FIGURE JUNKIES!
Chairman Emiritus of MARVEL is the one, the only STAN LEE and when HASBRO Marvel Legends collectors got word that Stan was going to be honored in plastic form, they went a little nuts trying to locate him at he 2007 SDCC. Stan the Man still packs a bunch six years later as you can add him to your collection for anywhere between $100 to $200. A rare find that originally cost just $14.99 at the Con shows just how great Stan’s staying power seems to be. Good luck finding him True Believers!
Everybody’s favorite giant 80’s monster was perfectly made by MATTEL at the 2011 Con. The iconic jumbo Marshmallow Man from the 1984 smash GHOSTBUSTERS was a very hard to find exclusive at the Con and anywhere after the event. Thankfully for you collectors that missed the first time around, Stay Puft is easy to find on eBay and other auction sites two years later where you can nab for exactly the original price at the show of $70. A helluva deal that stands over 20” tall and excellent compliment to your MATTEL Ghostbusters figures.  Rest in Peave Club Ecto-1!
This amazing set from MATTEL was a really tough won to nab. After the first day of the convention, the toy giant had sold out of the Gleep that came with the Wonder Twins. This left people on line frantic to get some intel about what was going on and why they were sold out. I eventually nabbed on it was a hollow victory as I never scored Gleep! Damn you Gleep. A fan favorite from those that grew up with the Wonder Twins, this original went for just $40 and Gleep turned out to be a SDCC exclusive. Translation is that unless you grabbed Gleep on the first two days of Con then the little purple monkey would only be available on secondary markets. I’m looking at you eBay. Past SDCC Exclusives tend to rise in price this time of year and I have seen this go for close to $300 lately and as little as $100-$175 but remember, no Gleep. Damn you Gleep.
Everybody had Indiana Jones fever as the fourth installment hit the big screen in the summer of ’08. Die hards were plunking down cash for anything that wasn’t nailed down with the iconic Indiana Jones font. Enter the amazing toy outfit of Gentle Giant with their exclusive Indiana Jones Crate Paperweights; a must have for every geeks desk.  The catch was no one knew what was going to be inside the package until you got home. I liked that they did this because it really leveled the playing field for the secondary markets pirates that charge an arm and a leg. Originally the crate went for $35 and it really has not gone up that much in the years since. You can nab one for anywhere from $50 to $100 on eBay but their are not a lot sold online in my experience. Crates contained one of three sets: Set #1 includes the Golden Idol and Well of the Souls Tablet, Set #2 includes the Holy Grail and the Sankara Stones, and Set #3 includes the Crystal Skull.
Transformers fans are always psyched for July as HASBRO always has something big to offer. However this year, big does not fit the description. The Transformers Generations Titan Class Metroplex is a monster.  The two-foot all Metroplex figure is the biggest Autobot of all-time and is a 3-in-1 figure that converts from robot mode to vehicle mode to city mode. Some Transformer junkies will be lining up for this and will be ponying up at least $124.99. eBay is already inundated with auctions and most are going for the $200 to $300. I have a feeling that this is going to be a hot ticket and it will be sold out quickly. Make sure to buy an extra airline ticket for this because it is enormous in person.
Speaking of big, the success of the Marvel Universe 3.75 inch line spawned a deluxe Glactus scaled perfectly for the smaller figures. It was a huge hit and Marvel & HASBRO did it again in 2011 with a huge Sentinel. Every fan had been clamoring for this when it hit and although it originally sold for just $59.99, it now fetches for between $100 and $150. Make sure before you purchase it online to make sure that it was the Galactus from SDCC and not from Toys R Us. The value is totally different so be careful.
A runaway hit from last year’s Con was easily this awesome 3-pack from Hasbro’s MARVEL LEGENDS line. With its new sleek packaging, X-Force was on awesome dark display featuring Archangel. Psylocke and Wolverine for just $49.99. However that small price did not last long and it was soon flooding eBay with close to $200 costs plus shipping! It has fallen off a bit and can be picked up for anywhere from $75 to $150 depending on the condition. This 3-pack really set the bar high for future waves of MARVEL’s flagship line. 
If I was heading to SDCC this year, I would most definitely be making a beeline to the HASBRO booth to pick this beauty up. For a villain that barely takes up ten minutes of total screen time in the original trilogy, Boba Fett is one of the most popular Star Wars characters of all-time. HASBRO’s new BLACK SERIES is an amazing group of figures and is the first Star Wars figures to be in a MARVEL LEGENDS-Style height at 6-inches. It will be on sale for $49.99 and the secondary market has already been flooded with pre-orders for three times that. Not only is it Star Wars but it is the first figure ever produced in the line. Hopefully we will be able to nab one the Monday after Con!
I ran into MANIA caretaker Bob Trate at New York Comic Con frantic and soaked in perspiration trying to get the MARVEL UNIVERSE OLD MAN LOGAN with BABY HULK. I went everywhere asking questions and not getting answers until I finally collapsed on the way back to Jersey. Turns out on the preview of NYCC, the good folks at MARVEL gave goodie bags to some attendees with the coveted figure. They were already on eBay fetching a ridiculous price but just the fact that they even existed and were not a hoax was a huge. Finally this July, HASBRO and MARVEL are bringing us the figure via their Online Unlimited Subscription. It will cost $19.99 for a month or $55.20 for a year and only then will you get the figure. Only 3000 of these babies are being produced and I do not even want to speculate what these will be fetching on eBay but it will be damn fun to watch. I hope I can get one online but it may just be a pipe dream. I know from testing the waters on ACTION FIGURE JUNKIES on Facebook that collectors would be happy to fork over $55 bucks for the figure and the subscription. Myself included!


2012 brought THE AVENGERS to the big screen and HASBRO banked on that success unveiling a ridiculously huge HELICARRIER that measured close to 4 feet long and almost 18-inches wide. The thing is ridiculous in person and I can only imagine how big it looks to the lucky kids whose parents got this for them. The box art, like the previous year’s giant offerings were done by MARVEL big shot Joe Quesada. Don’t be fooled by the Helicarrier on! This is much bigger and a perfect complement for your MU figures and your giant Galactus and Sentinel figures. Totally worth the $129.99 price tag at the show but the secondary market price is a bit high because of the enormous shipping costs.


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almostunbiased 7/11/2013 5:12:17 AM

If I was a kid again, I might be excited.  These are some cool looking toys.

DaForce1 7/11/2013 8:50:42 AM

 I've got Stan and Galactus. Getting Galactus at that year's SDCC was what really turned me off of Hasblo's selling tactics. You can't just wait in line to buy these items. You need to wait in one line (starting at 6am, when they open at 9am) to get a ticket that's only good for a certain hour, AND then you need to go wait in another line during that certain hour but security only allows so many people in line and Hasblo has (of course) given out 4 times more tickets than the line security will allow to form. AND THEN even if you do manage to get in that second line, you run the risk of the item you want "selling out" for the day. 

Frankly, none of these items are worth the time wasted trying to get them. At least Mattel lets you preorder online for pick up at SDCC. They way it actually should be done. Hasblo just creates a situation where it's only a matter of time before violence erupts, since there are people out there that are stupid enough to fight for a place in line for an overpriced toy.

mrdjspaz 7/11/2013 10:26:45 AM

There's a baby hulk? ...and I thought Logan didn't age. Boy, I guess I've been out of it for a while...  The Boba and Indy stuff look awesome.

stonedtodeath 7/11/2013 12:02:09 PM

@mrdjspaz:  Yes you missed one of the best Wolverine comics series in years called Old Man Logan.  Excellent writing and art.


I am a toy collector and love these exclusives.  Unfortunately so do Ebayers and they take full advantage of it.  I buy a few extra exclusives, but I try and start the bidding at 99 cents and let the market decide it's value.  Glad to see MU putting out another old man logan.  I really want that toy.

RobertTrate 7/12/2013 8:12:16 AM

 The Indy set as cool back in 08 but the box's contents were random. I knew too many people that wanted the Ark or the first marker and got the skull. 



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