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Wright says 'Ant-Man' is still on but 'Scott Pilgrim' is next

    August 26, 2008
Source: www.wizarduniverse.com

Edgar Wright told Wizard that he's still actively working to bring Marvel's 'Ant-Man' to the big screen.

I wrote the first draft of the script which, to be honest, kind of took two years to deliver because I did 'Hot Fuzz' in the middle of it. But I did my first draft of it just before the strike last year and I think it's one of my favorite things I've ever written. It was a real blast to write. I know that [Marvel's] very pleased with what we've done and, really, really, the appeal to that for me is the fact that like, Ant Man is considered slightly D-list. The whole raison d'etre of the piece for me and my thing has always been to take something that would seem to be uncool and make it really cool and that's certainly the case with British cops in 'Hot Fuzz.' To take the most seemingly kind of underwhelming concept and make something really cool out of it—I always liked that premise. As a little kid I had a reprint of "The Man in the Ant Hill," the very first Ant Man kind of story and it's something that always struck me. Most shrinking films are about in somebody in jeopardy and this is something where the shrinker has the power. Rather than it being something that's a terrible thing to happen, it's actually making your character into the most bad ass sort of action hero/spy possible.

The director also talks about his current project, adapting Bryan Lee O'Malley's 'Scott Pilgrim'.

We’re hopefully going into production later this year. We've been doing a lot of work on it in a conception level and getting into casting and crew and stuff. In the number of times I've been to Toronto, one of the most amazing things about Bryan's artwork is that it all refers to real locations. All of the locations in the book he took, maybe even sometimes there's a chain restaurant, like, a Pizza Pizza in Toronto that's a specific branch that he's taken a photo of. Just last month I took some sort of the crew around, like, the Scott Pilgrim locations and it's an amazing thing to take one of the books and say, "Hey, there it is!" You know, and especially where it's essentially very non-descript locations that Bryan has taken photographic reference for and there and lo and behold is the place!

Wright also said that the film will cover all six books of the series:

If it was at the level of Harry Potter we might be able to talk about doing six films but in this case our film is very much an adaptation of the entire six. It's very much in the spirit of Bryan's books and certainly in terms of the first and second books there are whole sections that are straight from the books but then it slightly takes on its own momentum and kind of pace. Especially as a counter point to how uninvolved we were in the American remake of "Spaced," I've been very keen to involve Bryan in every stage of this so that he feels happy and comfortable with what we've written, and as Bryan, I'm sure, will tell you, there are a couple of bits in the fourth and soon to be fifth book which are lines from our screenplay. I feel quite proud that there's a couple of bits in Scott Pilgrim volume 4 where I'm thinking, "That's my line!"

Read the complete interivew for more insights about how Wright came to be attached to the book and project, and of course he talks about 'Spaced' and other upcoming works.


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