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Thunderbirds are Go: Teaser Trailer (Article) - 12/27/2014 9:43:17 AM

I hope that isn't Thunderbird 5 . . . oh it seems so. Unlike the other four TB crafts it has been changed a lot.

The Winter of '84: 2010: The Year We Make Contact (Article) - 12/11/2014 2:42:02 AM

The Tsien craft and the ill-fated Chinese mission to Europa is missing from the film version too. The Leonov sending down a probe and finding the life-form replaces the whole storyline.

I think I like the cold war themes and initial ship board conflict they over come works better on screen than the books 'nicer' atmosphere would have; from a dramatic point of view.

The Winter of '84: 2010: The Year We Make Contact (Article) - 12/9/2014 6:12:37 PM

Another poke about the net and I see SyFy has optioned another A C Clarke novel, Childhood's End. YeaGads! That was lost in preproduction long before V stole a load of ideas from it. I remember seeing preproduction paintings in a magazine (Starlog??) before I was married (plus 29 years ago). I just need some one to make a decent film out of Rendezvous with Rama and all will be complete (will someone in Holywood listen to Morgan Freeman, please!).

The Winter of '84: 2010: The Year We Make Contact (Article) - 12/9/2014 5:59:13 PM

Syfy are reported to be planning to film 3001 as a mini series for next year. It was report last month but I've heard nothing about it since.

The Winter of '84: 2010: The Year We Make Contact (Article) - 12/9/2014 12:38:22 PM

A good solid scifi movie. Given the choice between 01 and 10, I'd plumb for 2010. As much as I loved 2001 it is as boring as watching paint dry, and I tend to watch it in half hour 'episodes' to get to my favourite parts

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:%u2026Ye Who Enter Here Review (Article) - 12/6/2014 1:03:56 PM

Not reading this . . . I'm only episode 2.2

MARVEL%u2019S STAR WARS #1 %u2013 PREVIEW (Article) - 12/6/2014 12:58:26 PM

I'm still after The Starwars series from last year based on GLs 'original' story. Looks like buying them digitally before they are gone for good.

Orci out as Star Trek 3 Director (Article) - 12/6/2014 12:53:36 PM

I don't recall Frakes doing any films since Thunderbirds ....shudders.... plenty of TV episodes though. Orci hadn't official been listed as directing anything, so it may be a good thing but we'd never know now.

What about someone no connection with Trek (like Nicholas Meyers before ST2), say Steve McQueen. ...Min wanders off for a moment  .....  12 years an Orion slave girl ....

Just give us a good story. They'd better get the crew out there and doing some old fashioned adventuring and exploring. Very little of that has been seen so far.

The Fall of '84: Supergirl (Article) - 11/27/2014 6:03:36 PM

Would Tank Girl qualify as a SH movie?

Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Screening Details (Article) - 11/24/2014 5:09:23 PM

No way can I justify to the wife the 7000 mile round trip.


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