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7 Rules for Making THE HOBBIT Movie (Article) - 11/22/2009 3:45:20 PM

Some how I see the dragon from Dragonslayer when ever I think of Smaug. It captured the grace of the flying beast in the air and the worm when in the caves.

Khan Sequel Rumors Persist (Article) - 11/19/2009 2:21:36 AM

Maybe Gary Mitchell, Dr Dehner and the energy barrier story but following a new storyline would be interesting.

Khan Sequel Rumors Persist (Article) - 11/19/2009 2:16:34 AM

EagleManiac: "And please, NO MORE WHALES!"

I agree what would be the porpoise in re-doing whales?

Khan Sequel Rumors Persist (Article) - 11/19/2009 2:13:11 AM

Please no mirror universe stuff......hang on this already is a mirror universe series.

Leave Khan as it is. Do something new and fresh, it is a big galaxy after all.

Star Trek & Farscape: The Complete Series (Article) - 11/18/2009 2:09:37 AM

I hope this Farscape complete series sets get over the pond to Blighty. I hate al thouse litle boxsets they put out, 5 eps per set.

I didn't have a problem with season 4, but I haven't seen 3 and 4 since it was on TV so I'll see if I can pick up on what Hobbs' POV is on it.

Rigel for Dominar!!!!!

2012 Storms Into 1st (Article) - 11/17/2009 8:42:45 AM

After 5 years our 100 year old cinema reopened and 2012 was the opening presentation and played to a packed house which included the local town council and other 'noteworthies'. Perhaps it was the hour and a half opening ceremony that preceded it, but started wishing it would end before they got to China (I also noted they had missed a bit on the wall when they repainted).

I got deja vu in several sections usual involving colapsing runways and and airplanes that seem to repeat endlessly. Others remaked that the family was lifted from War of the Worlds. Overall  it seemed to wander aimlessly from one eyepoping effect to the next. People in the cinema were laughing at parts for the wrong reasons (unless it was me missing the joke).

While it was not one of RE's best, the effects were top notch and enjoyable on two levels. Firstly the rollercoaster popcorn ride and secondly as a enjoyable hockum (al a MST3K).

The 5 Comics Fans You Meet in Hell (Article) - 11/16/2009 3:24:42 PM

No mention of Brit comic guy?!?

First TITANS Trailer Online (Article) - 11/11/2009 9:44:05 AM

You can see what may be Pegasus at 51 seconds. Either that or the horse is wearing something odd.

5 Pros and 5 Cons of an Indiana Jones 5 Movie (Article) - 11/10/2009 10:06:44 AM

Who's push 50!?!?!?!?

Where is my abacus?

2009 - 1981=28

18 28 = 46

Had me worried for a minute then.

The 7 Most Powerful Wizards (Too Lazy to Use Their Powers) (Article) - 11/3/2009 5:29:00 PM

The article forgot to mention Roy Wood.


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