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Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/5/2009 12:32:49 PM

The answer to Wallyrus was yes. Forgot to add that bit.

I found out if you press F5 to refresh a page after you have posted a message, then it reposts it. Echo technology.

5 Comics That Should Be Rated R Movies (Article) - 10/5/2009 12:27:34 PM

For 2000ADers with long memories, Flesh. The original Jurassic Park.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/5/2009 12:25:41 PM

"Wasn't that big bad-ass robot from "Judge Dredd" called an ABC WARRIOR?"

The original ABC Warriors series must be pushing 25 years old now. My doesn't the time fly. It had the same tongue in cheek humour as Dredd.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 10/5/2009 12:22:20 PM

Is that boy wearing a cape?

McKellen Eager for HOBBIT (Article) - 9/25/2009 11:30:05 AM

No problem with Tolkien additional materials, not happy with the stuff Jackson made up stuff. Just didn't like the changes to the story that Jackson did to add his bits. Denethor running in flames off Minas Tirith, the psi-control had on Theoden etc.

I wonder where they would make the break on the first film.

Before Beorn?

After Mirkwood?

A difficult call perhaps.

McKellen Eager for HOBBIT (Article) - 9/25/2009 5:48:10 AM

Smog must the chain smoking cousin of Smaug.

I'm not sure I like the idea of splitting the movie in half. It sounds like they are going to pad it out with Jacksonism again.

FLASH FORWARD's First 18 Minutes (Article) - 9/24/2009 2:19:53 AM

Only available in the United States . . . .

5 Must Have Childhood Toy Guns (Article) - 9/21/2009 9:25:41 AM

Has to be Dredd's Lawgiver or Logan 5's Sandman pistol. Failing that the Space 1999 staple gun.

Did anyone mention Winona? A Standard PK Pulse Pistol.


There is a printer friendly version of the M41a Pulse Rifle for card model makers out there.

7 Classic Characters Whored Out By Hollywood (Article) - 9/14/2009 10:55:34 AM

Captain! I protest! I am NOT a merry man!

Jeff Bridges Joining TRUE GRIT (Article) - 9/14/2009 12:31:24 AM

[quote] The original told the story from Cogburn's point of view, but the new version will work from the viewpoint of the girl. [/quote]

What? Are we talking about the same film? Last time I watched True Grit it seemed to me to be to focusing on Mattie Ross.


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