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Ridley Scott to direct "Nottingham" (Article) - 5/1/2007 3:33:24 AM

UK tv viewers have had a long line Robin Hood based prorammes, who can forget Maiden Marian and her Merry Men. LOL At least it would be a new take I suppose. Normans are always cast as villans in movies of this period.

Darren Aronofksy talks "Noah" (Article) - 5/1/2007 3:14:16 AM

Aronofksy's not read Matthew 24:38 For as they were in those days before the flood, eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark. I hope Aronofksy checks his source material a little better. If Noah plants a vineyard he will have to wait several years to make any wine. And as it contain a event involving a grown grandson it would have been decades later. Some people will always misuses things, alcohol, drugs, freedom.

Ridley Scott to direct "Nottingham" (Article) - 4/30/2007 4:00:01 AM

Please NO!!! Not another Robin Hood film.

Logan's Run (Article) - 4/24/2007 4:28:34 PM

In memory of Roscoe Lee Browne (May/2/1925 - April/11/2007)

Abrams says Kirk in "Star Trek" (Article) - 4/24/2007 4:18:19 PM

When Orion Slave Girls go bad . . . this time its green.

Abrams says Kirk in "Star Trek" (Article) - 4/19/2007 11:58:03 AM

My good friend at Paramount said that Kirk is the villian in this movie. The real heros are two simulation engineers who created the defacto scenario for testing SF officer. They enlist the help of Cadet Spock as they battle to repair the damage caused by a certain Cadet.

Sony Discontinues 20GB PS3 (Article) - 4/19/2007 2:53:46 AM

Now they want to make even morer expensive. Like Baldrick they must have a cunning plan.

Abrams says Kirk in "Star Trek" (Article) - 4/19/2007 2:52:44 AM

Moan . . whinge . . . Kirk . . . gripe . . . wind in wrong direction . . . R in the month . . .

Scott Derrickson directing "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (Article) - 4/12/2007 5:38:00 PM

Woodwraith - Flash Gordon is heading for TV so I heard.

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade writing "Barbarella" (Article) - 4/12/2007 2:43:08 AM

What are the odds that they can pursuade Jane Fonda to make a cameo appearance?


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