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Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/2/2007 6:13:45 PM

Please, no more figures. My credit cards weeps. My shelves bend.

Lord of the Rings Animated Legolas Maquette (Article) - 5/31/2007 5:45:38 PM

Not forgetting the LEGO Legolas.

Logan's Run (Article) - 5/30/2007 2:45:13 AM

Unknown quanitities to me these guys.

SIMS Moving to Big Screen (Article) - 5/25/2007 2:01:23 PM

Are we talking the 'Truman Show' crossed with 'Click' with this one?

Warner, Silver set Their Marks on HE-MAN (Article) - 5/24/2007 2:03:31 AM

Joel where is Logan's Run, remember you promised us that some time ago. Why go after more titles when you haven't finished the ones you already have.

Myers to Play MITTY (Article) - 5/23/2007 12:39:48 PM

Most certainly a worthy candidate for a remake than many in production. Now I want to see the Danny Kaye original. It has been years since they have shown on TV.

Myers to Play MITTY (Article) - 5/23/2007 3:00:11 AM

Shwing . . .

New TRANSFORMERS Trailer (Article) - 5/19/2007 7:27:52 AM

Anyone know the UK release date? EDIT - 27 July 2007 almost a months wait!!! Damn you Paramount first you kill Star Trek then you make us wait weeks to se this film.

Bryce on Gwen and SPIDER-MAN 3 (Article) - 5/4/2007 4:26:53 PM

Saturday night Tobey. Great stuff. Enjoyed the movie a lot. Now when is it on DVD?

Tyler Set as HULK Love Interest (Article) - 5/4/2007 6:05:34 AM

I think she has been at the grey havens for a while.


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