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Fangoria and Hulu Team up

New Hulu Channel Coming

By Robert T. Trate     October 23, 2013

The Fangoria channel coming to Hulu
© Fangoria has reported that Hulu will get a new channel. Fangoria Magazine will team up with the online broadcast network to deliver horrific cinema to all those that need it. 

“Fangoria magazine and its distribution partner Brainstorm Media have teamed with Hulu on a new genre channel at”. They will curate such classic cinema as William Lustig’s Maniac Cop 2, Takashi Miike’s Audition, and Lucio Fulci’s The House By The Cemetery. The new channel will in fact broadcast new releases as well including new titles from Magnolia, eOne, Phase 4, Millennium Entertainment, Scream Factory, Uncork’d and Doppelgänger Releasing.

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monkeyfoot 10/23/2013 1:40:31 PM

I'm not a big horror fan but this sounds like a good idea. I wonder if you have to pay for Hulu Plus for the channel.

thezillaman 10/23/2013 6:29:52 PM

 sounds cool but I bet the movies will be bottom of the barrel, like the sci fi ch.

Wyldstaar 10/23/2013 8:16:59 PM

All of the production companies listed are bargain basement ones for the most part.  Some of them release quality films, but they're quality made on the cheap.  Sometimes a limited budget can inspire someone truly creative to do something different.  Unfortunately, more often than not a low budget just results in an uninspired movie with lame visuals.  Lets hope Hulu sticks with the inspired creativity and leaves the dreck alone.



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