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X3: Halle Berry - Taking fans by storm

By Chris Brown     May 19, 2006

Continuing the coverage of the recent 'X-Men: The Last Stand' press event, today we present Comics2film's thechrisbrown's chat with Halle Berry.

The Academy Award winning actress entered the room like a siren. Charming, in good spirits. She had much to say about Storm's stronger turn in the latest installment of the X-franchise, comments briefly on Brett vs, Bryan and even declares that she'd like another shot at Catwoman.

Q: You definitely had more a lot to do on X-Men 3 ...

HB: I was so happy with this job this time. It was fun. This time, you know because I've said before, it wasn't about being more in the movie, I just wanted to have a point of view, and right away when I met with Brett, he said, 'You know, I agree with you, that's what I haven't liked about this series because Storm is so strong in the comic book, and has such a presence.' And I said, 'It's not about how many minutes I'm on screen, Brett. If I'm on screen for five minutes, let me say something in five minutes. Just, you know, I know it's an ensemble, but just let Storm have a personality, let her have a point of view, let her, you know, speak, you know, say something.' And he was, 'Right on, she's gonna speak this time.'

Q: And fly ...

HB: And fly ... with my cape, not the plane. (Halle smiles, there's laughter in the room.) With my cape that I've worn for two movies and never used. (More laughter.)

Q: Did you do it yourself, or have a stunt double?

HB: No, I did it myself ...

Q: Did you sympathize with your character being against the cure, as a black woman?

HB: Oh yeah, the character ... and I was so happy they wrote her against it. Yes.

Q: Would you feel that way ... if there was a cure for Diabetes, you'd take it?

HB: Oh, I'd cure Diabetes. I'd cure anything that ails anybody's health. I would love for us all to live with optimum good health, and nobody be sick and have any disease that threatens your life, but if you have a certain, um, you know, I have a nephew with Down Syndrome. And I think he was born that way because he's meant to be born that way, and I think those babies are joy babies. I know my sister has learned a lot from having him, and I think he's been a blessing in her life. So, would I want to change that? No. But if he ... he had lots of heart surgeries when he was younger, would I want him to have heart problems? No, I want him to be happy and healthy, but would I change who he is? No.

Q: Now, what if he actually said, that he wanted to change that because that's sort of a topic in this film where some mutants want to, would you still support that if it was his decision?

HB: Yeah, because he's living with it, so if he said, 'I don't want to be this way,' then yeah, because I think I support, ultimately, that we all have that choice. If the choice were there for us, I would support somebody who wanted to change because I don't know what it's like to live with that. So, I could not, would not want to stand in the way of somebody else's right to choose. But, me personally, I don't believe I would be someone who would choose. Like if all of a sudden I could stop being black and be white, would I be white? No. Would I be Asian, would I change in any way? I think, I know, I would stay the way I am.

Q: Can we talk about the main difference in working with Bryan and Brett?

HB: Well, Brett is five. You have to understand, he's like a five-year old in, like, a big man's body (laughter). For real. And the guy is fun because he loves movies, he loves people and he's got this unaffected way about dealing, like kids have, he's very child-like, in that he says what he feels, he laughs when he wants to, he gets mad when he wants to, he does everything in a moment, in an instant like kids do. So, you always get the feeling with Brett, you understand exactly where he is, what he's feeling because he wears it all over his body. And I am a person who really responds to that because I don't like to guess, well he said this, but what does he really mean? Like, I want to really know what's what, so I like that part of Brett. Um, Bryan was a lot more cerebral and I think the first two movies reflected that. This movie is very cerebral, too, because that's the nature of the comic book, but Brett brought a lot of fun, a lot of action, lightness to it that I think the fans will really like. It's something a little different, but if this is in fact the last movie, I think they will be happy that we go out with a bang because it gives them, I think, finally, what the comic book is about, too, in many ways, it's about that big action splash that you want to see superheroes doing.

Q: There's talk that there's going to be a young mutants take on it, maybe, and now that you've become the leader ...


HB: What does that mean ... I'm not going to fly any planes ... (more laughter)

Q: So if they were to call you back and say, 'We want you to be the Professor X style leadership on this spin-off' are you game?

HB: I think I have to say yes because I can see where that would be a part that I could probably sink my teeth into a little bit more being the leader of the school and have an impact on the kids in a different way and I wouldn't just be flying the plane, (Halle smiles and we all laugh) if I'm running the school, I think I would go back and fly with my cape. (lots of laughter.)

Q: The X-Men films have always been about tolerance and acceptance, and all that, did you ever feel that the films, perhaps, took themselves too seriously, should they have been more comic booky? Was there any, 'This is too heavy' maybe for a general audience?

HB: I love that they took it seriously because that said that this is a serious issue, but we can present it to you in a way that, both, young and old can relate to and understand and get something out of. Um, and I think, in the comic book it's presented as a serious issue, so to not present it as a serious issue, I think, would do the comic a serious injustice. It's always been serious.

Q: Hugh Jackman mentioned a certain outtake where you were laughing?

HB: Is that when Brett came out as Hugh as Wolverine? Oh, my God. Hysterical. Imagine Brett (she uses her hand to show an example of Brett's shorter stature) in Hugh's costume (she raises her hand as an example of Hugh's taller stature). Brett (she uses here hands about 3 feet apart) in Hugh's (she waves her hands in an hourglass manner) costume. (Everyone laughs.) That's all I'm gonna say. It was just hysterical.

Q: You've tackled the comic book genre with Catwoman and the X-Men franchise, if they call you back and say there's another franchise that we'd like you to look at, are you still looking for that, or are you done with the comic book genre?

HB: I'm done.

Q: Unless they call you back for more Storm?

HB: Or Catwoman.

(The room bursts into laughter)

Q: Would you?

HB: (Halle's smiling and excited) In a minute. In a minute. I loved it so much, and I hate that it ... it was what it was. But if we had a chance to do it again, I know we'd make it better. We'd make a better story and have a better villain, I always thought we should have had a better villain than a woman whose face cracked off. But, you know, that's that, I'm over it. (laughter). I would do it. I loved being Catwoman.

Q: You've been good spirited about writing, 'I won't do another Catwoman on the chalk board' ...

HB: I can go with the joke, but if they seriously said we want to do another one and here's how we're gonna make it better because we learned from the mistakes. I would because I believe we could make it better, I think Catwoman is a great character that maybe just wasn't presented in the right way. Maybe, people didn't, you know ... but when people see it on video they seem to like it. (She smiles and takes the tone of a casual viewer) 'It's not as bad as everyone said ...'

Q: Back to X-Men, you've said you're much happier playing Storm as a stronger character, I have to ask the geek question here: Storm has never been stronger than when she had the white Mohawk ...

(Halle immediately bursts into laughter.)

Q: If you were to do another movie, would you do the white Mohawk?

(The room is laughing, Halle is smiling.)

HB: I think I'd have to go shorter, can't go longer. I would be open to doing the white Mohawk.

Q: If they would have called you back if Bryan was still directing, and they said we want you to come back and do X-Men 3, would you still have done it?

(There is a bit of laughter. A Pause. She nods.)

HB: Yeah. Yeah.

Q: How close were you to not coming back?

HB: Well, it wasn't so much ... it wasn't anything to do with Bryan, and I mean, as a Director I think he's awesome. I mean, I can't wait to see Superman, I'm a fan of him that way. It wasn't that if he was coming back, I wouldn't come, it was more of I had another project that I was sort of toying with where I would really get to do something and it was way less money than X-Men pays us, but, I was just getting like, I just don't want to go and get a lot of money, granted, and sit around my trailer. That doesn't sound like a good time for 7 months. So, it was more that, and more realizing that if they gave Storm something to do, then I would gladly come back. I just don't want to come and sit around when I had an opportunity to go do a great piece of work somewhere else. I was struggling with my obligation to the series and to Storm, who I created, but then going to do great work ... it was just sort of a confusing time for me to figure out what was best for me to do.

HB: Thanks you guys.

Q: Thanks a lot.


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