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Open Windows: Trailer (Article) - 8/19/2014 8:51:00 AM

I think that's the point. I love how Wood is doing creepy movies. lol

SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN - New Creative Team (Article) - 8/18/2014 1:01:19 PM

Who's that the Red Skull? lol

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer (Article) - 8/14/2014 12:18:54 PM

Great more hopping around crap like Halo.

Go back to regular warfare stuff. This future crap sucks.

Power Rangers Release Date! (Article) - 8/14/2014 11:56:10 AM

Tommy - Green Ranger . Then I'll go see it.

The Summer of '84: Cloak & Dagger (Article) - 8/14/2014 9:37:54 AM

This movie was great. Typical 80's stuff. Childhood memories.

The Good, The Bad, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Article) - 8/12/2014 7:00:47 AM

This movie wasn' bad. Garfield is great as peter/spidey.  The villians on the other hand were pretty weak.


ALICE IN WONDERLAND: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Starts Production (Article) - 8/5/2014 6:36:09 AM

Because Depp is Disney . Has to be in it.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer Sneak Peek (Article) - 7/28/2014 8:22:17 AM


Deadpool Footage Leaked (Article) - 7/28/2014 8:18:07 AM

Ryan Reynolds !!!! haha this would be so awesome if they can make this.


THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Trailer (Article) - 7/26/2014 12:21:15 PM

Carol's in there. This looks amazing. Plus it's only the first 4 episodes in the trailer.

So much instore. Rick looks bad ass rocking the AK. Get ready for some killer TV in Oct.


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