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Terminator 5 with Arnold (Article) - 6/8/2012 1:01:24 PM

Hell with James Cameron. He's wasting his time with blue silly avatar creatures.

Terminator is where it's at . Arnie will juice it up and get back in tip top form. If not CGI is your friend haha Ya need that voice in there some place.

Totally up for a part 5 and 6 i want more of the future war - and i want to see the part where they storm the time travel facility to send kyle back then blow the place after.  I want more indepth stuff on what happens in Connor's world.

Bring back Bale as Connor and lets roll.

Amazing Spider-Man Antidote Clip (Article) - 6/7/2012 6:38:26 AM

It's more like the comic which is key .. im looking forward to this one.

Klingons in Star Trek 2 (Article) - 6/5/2012 11:58:53 AM

Actually the masks / helmets look more like the Gladiator Maximus helmet. More fitting for a warrior since thats what the Klingons are.

Herman Munster Cast (Article) - 6/5/2012 11:24:52 AM

NICE ! lol he's goofy like herman . Good choice.

Klingons in Star Trek 2 (Article) - 6/5/2012 11:23:26 AM

They looked like predator's before from the older movies.  Ridic !

Kick Ass 2 UPDATE (Article) - 6/1/2012 7:20:51 AM

gotta have nick cage lol lets ride !

If they go ahead and do this without hit girl and kick ass as the main characters then i personally will call doody and not go see it.


6 Dark Knight Rises Posters (Article) - 5/24/2012 5:20:01 AM

The Costumes are horrible esp Bats... why not just wear some armor and call it a day? I mean for real. This whole make it believable nonsense in these movies really is retarded.  It's a COMIC book character. 

Catwoman is such a weak villian so she's like whatever , her costume is so 1960's julie newmar era  ... which is cool but other then that she gets a big YAWN.

Bane should be bigger it's more believable to have him break the bat if he's bigger and the business that he's not on Venom is just insane.  Whatever man way to go and change the whole dynamic of the character lol.

I'll go see it when tickets are half price.

GI Joe Retaliation Delayed (Article) - 5/24/2012 5:11:45 AM

Magic Mike is gonna be so good. Channing Tatum all the way folks ahahahahahahahahahaha

Yes im joking!

New Amazing Spider-Man Viral Videos (Article) - 5/22/2012 11:11:03 AM

I just hope we get the green goblin next time in purple/green and non power ranger suit.

Walking Dead Season 3 Behind the Scenes Video (Article) - 5/21/2012 12:40:57 PM

Game of Thrones stinks lol  The Walking Dead buries all this other nonense on TV.


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