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Mania Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Article) - 4/3/2014 5:47:08 AM

Like this movie is expected to be anything less them awesome lol

Can't wait.

Tobey Kebbell for Doctor Doom in FF Movie (Article) - 4/2/2014 9:06:21 AM

The actors are all wrong . O well we could just all decide not to go see it =)

April Fools: Walking Dead Cover #129 (Article) - 4/2/2014 9:04:32 AM

More women would buy the comic lol.

Riddler Cast for Gotham (Article) - 4/2/2014 9:02:02 AM

No Batman in it? - Dooty !

First Look: Harley Quinn on Arrow (Article) - 4/1/2014 5:54:41 AM

Did she just get ready for bed or something? I mean best they could come up with? LOL


TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION - Official TV Spot #1 (Article) - 4/1/2014 5:38:41 AM


The Walking Dead: A Review (Article) - 4/1/2014 5:37:56 AM

Hey ElBaz13 . Why don't you start reading the comics.  If your just watching the TV show then your all in deep trouble.

Episode was Def an A.  You get alot of "comic" book aspects / situations . The raping of carl - the cannibals aka the HUNTERS... RICK being the bad ass he is , All done in the comics.  I like the different twists and turns the TV show adds.

I also always said Daryl is Rick's true Brother.   That was a great scene.

DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES - Official TV Spot #1 (Article) - 3/31/2014 5:52:57 AM

Can't be the original

Phantasm V: Ravager Teaser Trailer (Article) - 3/28/2014 5:07:54 AM

Finally =) Takes a special person to follow the Phantasm movies. Personally they are great.

Love seeing the 71 Cuda back in there. 

Simply you want to know the plot? It's your basic good vs evil. The boys vs the Tall Man.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Blast From The Past (Article) - 3/27/2014 7:58:51 AM

Bring back the Avengers cap suit. I don't care how campy it is. That's caps freakin outfit.


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