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X-FILES 2 slowly coming true

Chris Carter explains what's happening

By Patrick Sauriol     June 07, 2004
Source: Variety, Teletext

THE X-FILES' Chris Carter looks happy to be at the A.I. premiere gathering.
© 2001 Sue Schneider
While speaking with Variety about the upcoming DVD releases of his MILLENNIUM and HARSH REALM TV shows, X-FILES creator Chris Carter also mentioned what was happening with the progress on a second movie featuring FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. "Frank [Spotnitz] and I have worked out a story, and there's a negotiation with [Fox] going on," Carter remarked to the trade magazine. The writer/producer/director also revealed that he is working on two other unnamed feature films. It was unclear in Variety's article whether these two projects would be at Fox or elsewhere.

The official word from Carter follows on the heels of a report issued by Teletext last week in which X-FILES star David Duchovny said he's eager to put on the loafers of Mulder again. "I think it would be fun at this point, a few years removed, to get back into it and do it," Duchovny quipped to the site. The actor also said that his co-star Gillian Anderson is also ready to play Scully again.

Now that we know for certain that Fox is in talks with the X-FILES creator about a new movie, what remains to be seen is how quickly the company wants to get it moving into production.

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