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The X-Files -- Fall TV Preview

The "truth" is exposed -- but can THE X-FILES can on without Duchovny?

By Anthony C. Ferrante     October 13, 2001

Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick on THE X-FILES
© 2000 Fox

It was sealed with a kiss and now he's gone...again. At the end of THE X-FILES' eighth season, Agent Mulder (David Duchovny) and Agent Scully (Gillian Anderson) admitted to each other the "truth" that was out there all along their love for each other. And with that, X-fans finally got what they confirmation that indeed Mulder and Scully did have a thing going on.

If the series ended on that note, it would have been a fitting conclusion to one of TV's most challenging and interesting genre television shows. Yet, FOX wanted another season. They got their wish, but not without a price sans Duchovny. Now, the show is going to have to find a suitable way of resolving that kiss without making Mulder's absence seem like he's a deadbeat sperm-donating dad.

"I care how they resolve Mulder kissing and running [away]," Duchovny admitted to CINESCAPE, while promoting EVOLUTION this summer.

Of course, the writing staff is well aware of this dilemma, but executive producer John Shiban feels they've come up with an adequate solution.


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