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THE X-FILES: Garry Shandling as the New Mulder?

Comedian steps into Duchovny's shoes for a light-hearted episode.

By Steve Biodrowski     February 22, 2000

After seven seasons and a feature movie, with the future of the series uncertain, there is much speculation about how THE X-FILES might continue, especially if the stars decline to continue in their roles. Amid the speculation, there has been little consideration of whether other actors might step into the roles, yet the series itself is doing a jokey take on just that option, in a soon-to-be filmed episode featuring comedian Gary Shandling as Mulder and Duchovny's real life wife as Scully.

'I'm doing an X-FILES episode in which I get to make out with Téa Leoni, David Duchovny's wifeI think you see my ploy,' says Shandling, who claims that work usually interferes with his romantic life. 'I'm doing that in the middle of March, in which I play the Mulder character in an X-FILES film version, and David comes to see if it's being depicted accurately. I play him, and Téa Leoni plays Scully, and I make out with her. They're all good friends of mine,' adds the actor, who plays the sort of character in his upcoming movie, WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?, that would excite Mulder's interest: an alien come to Earth to procreate with a human woman.

Duchovny, of course, had fun spoofing himself on Shandling's THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW. The running gag was that Duchovny played himself as overtly attracted to Sanders ('You look good. You been working out?'), speaking in hushed tones on the telephone so that his wife would not overhear. Will any of that homoerotic tension spill over into the X-FILES episode. 'Certainly not for me,' quips Shandling. 'There may be for David.'


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