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X-FILES: Season 9 Info

Executive producer Frank Spotnitz talks about what lies ahead.

By Frank Kurtz     August 22, 2001
Source: Zap2It.com

Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick on THE X-FILES
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Frank Spotnitz has been talking about the plans for the ninth season of THE X-FILES.

Spotnitz discusses the program's leads, all three of them. He starts by settling any talk of Gillian Anderson only being part-time in the series, saying, "We have full-time Gillian. It's really a three-lead show, because you've got her and Robert [Patrick] and Annabeth [Gish]. That's what's making it so challenging for us this year, because we've never had to do that before. We had to do it somewhat when Mulder returned, but this is different."

Regarding one of the focuses of the ninth season, Spotnitz says, "There are a lot of questions about the baby. OK, like, she and Mulder had sex, but she still was barren ... so how did that happen?"

Mulder and Scully had sex? "Eh, that's another question. What is the mystery of the baby? Why did the aliens hunt it down and then leave it? Can Scully be at peace with this question? I think that's the biggest issue. Then there's a bunch of new issues that spring up around that."

He continues, "Also, the Doggett-and-Reyes-versus-the-FBI, and is it safe to work at the FBI, given the fact that there seem to be aliens walking around the corridors? There were a lot of immediate things we knew we had to attend to, our first day back at work."

Generally, Spotnitz sounds excited about the season ahead, saying, "I don't really have ambivalence about season nine. Especially talking to me now, because we know what we're doing at this point. We've mapped out the first third of the year, so I understand how it works.

"It's something new. It's the idea of THE X-FILES TV series, but it's these new characters and new actors. That's a fresh challenge."

He adds, "You'll see a number of changes, actually, which I can't divulge yet. Keep your eyes open, don't go to the kitchen. We'll reward you if you're patient.

"I'm tellin' ya, we're going to do things we never did before."


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