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X-MEN 2 Release Date Set

Singer talks about new mutant additions.

By Frank Kurtz     December 13, 2001
Source: Variety

Patrick Stewart as Professor X in Bryan Singer's X-MEN
© 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox has officially announced the release date for X-MEN 2. The film is set to hit theater screens on May 2, 2003. That release date sets up a summer that will also likely include THE MATRIX RELOADED, TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES and THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

While talking to Variety, director Bryan Singer spoke of the new release date, saying, "We wanted to build on X-MEN's summer success. We decided (May 2) would be the best place to kick off a summer that has other sci-fi/fantasy fare."

There's been a lot of buzz regarding new mutant characters turning up in the second film. On this point, all Singer would say was: "We want to keep those characters a surprise. But there will be some really interesting new characters, both young and old."


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