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marcd30319 5/12/2011 3:59:32 PM

ElBaz13 - Allow me to reinterate that if you are going to make an actual historical event serve as the focus of a drama like the X-Men intervening in the Cuban Missile Crisis, then you ought to get the facts and details right.

Regarding the Singer-Fox take on the X-Man, I defer to your greater knowledge of the X-Man mythos.  I am not a in-depth fan although, like all comic book, charactees, their relationship, and histories are constantly changing.  Look at such high-profile superheroes as Superman, Batman or Spiderman, and how they have changed over the years.  Look at the way the portrayed Thor in the current movie with nods to contributors from Jack Kirby to Walt Simonson (which I collected and enjoyed).

Wiseguy 5/12/2011 4:59:11 PM

marcd, this is all in fun. Notice how some of us fanboys don't give a rat's ass about factual historical accuracies but we will go nuts if you change a character's costume or relationships. See marcd is all about getting your priorities in order and obviously you don't ;)

makabriel 5/12/2011 6:40:27 PM

@marcd.  The Marvel universe isn't our universe.  The Cuban Missile crisis you are seeing on the screen isn't the actual one that took place in our reality.

It's not an actual historic event.  At least, not -our- historic event.

If you were saying the same thing about a documentary, I'd be right there with you, but this isn't the same.  This is a comic movis taking liberties by using events inspired by actual historic events..


marcd30319 5/13/2011 5:34:42 AM

Thank you, Wiseguy, I'll just follow your fine example. :)

My point is that the this film is being pitched to a largely non-fan film audience and the film is using the Cuban Missile Crisis as its central focus.  Is it too much to ask for a modicum of accuracy. 

Soviet surface warships were not deployed as part of Operation Anadyr, the missile build-up in Cuba, just submarines.  Now if that submarine that Magneto hooked int he trailer was a Hydra sub causing mischief, I'm okay with that. 

Consider this, if the filma-makers did get the minor historical facts right, how did they get the detail of the X-Men mythos right?

Bryzarro 5/13/2011 8:08:16 AM

@marcd- Seeing as a ton of kids were tweeting that they didn't know who Osama Bin Laden was and why they should care he is dead i'm pretty sure they deffinatly won't know or care what the Cuban missle crisis was.  So the liberties taken are assuredly granted in this instance.

makabriel 5/13/2011 11:41:14 AM

Soo... you're not going to even mention the fact that they are flying a Blackbird In 1962?  Years earlier than they were even created?


jetpackjesus 5/13/2011 12:24:28 PM

The SR-71's first flight was in '64.  Considering this is a movie about mutants, I think it perfectly reasonable that Charles developed his own Blackbird two years earlier.  

makabriel 5/13/2011 12:51:00 PM

I think the point is being missed..


marcd30319 5/13/2011 4:25:22 PM

Actually, Lockheed and the Cia developed a single-seat version of the SR-71 called the A-12, and its first flight was in April 1962.

marcd30319 5/13/2011 4:31:26 PM

Actually, Lockheed and the CIA developed a single-seat version of the SR-71 called the A-12, and its first flight was in April 1962, so it's plausible. 

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