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hanso 6/5/2011 5:18:11 PM

 Guess its time to bring back Hugh Jackman.


monkeyfoot 6/5/2011 5:55:03 PM

Another thing I liked about the film which I couldn't put my finger on before is that it is adult superhero movie. I love all the Marvel made films but they in their essence appeal mainly to the boy/girl teenage mind in us. The themes and execution of X1C are much more mature reminding me more of the most adult of current superhero movies the Chris Nolan Batman.

I hope this movie makes a tidy profit over the summer.

vitieddie 6/5/2011 9:58:50 PM


Agree with you on the mature aspect.





Can anyone answer me this - did magneto bed raven??? Or is it left to our imagination??? lol

evilbeagle 6/5/2011 10:26:45 PM

Dude, I think Azazel beds her Darktower-Style so he can hang around to take over Earth, but that's a whole other reboot.

I went to see this movie, but after the first 20 minutes I felt horrible for having my 8 year old in the theater with me.  So, we high-tailed it to Kung Fu Panda 2.  I was enjoying the movie, but felt like a traitor to comicdom for paying for the tickets.  They could have done this same movie with the right characters, and they should have left Hugh Jackman's crying Wolverine the hell out the movie (I didn't make it to this scene but heard all about it).  I liked Jackman in the role at first, but everytime he cries in character I grow to hate him even more.

So, I can't decide if it's worth a 6 buck weekday matinee to finish the movie or not.  Any advice for this dad of the year?

vitieddie 6/5/2011 11:52:33 PM



lol ... no, in the movie there is a scene that ends with a kiss but ends suddenly so we dont really know what happened ... anyways watch the movie ... its better than others out there ... close your mind to the continuity problems ... i haven't read so much about continuity since this movie came out lol

TheMovieGuy28 6/6/2011 12:58:26 AM

A friend of mine said they basically ruined 48 years of comic history in 2 hours....to which I replied this....

"if they ruined 48 years in 2 hours, then it was already ruined for me when I was 12 and was introduced to the "team" I said above, because to me, that's MY version of the original X-Men. But that didn't stop me from getting to know the "a" team, the "b" team, the histories, the world they lived in, etc., etc. I mean, did you two start reading the 60's X-Men first when you got into comics, or did you go with what was there, developed an interest, found more stories, and did the subconscious "this is my X-Men team" team? That's all I'm sayin.

At the end of the day, it's all in the eye of the beholder. Wolverine was on my X team as a child, so was morph. I had Mel Gibson and Jim Carrey pegged for those roles, but it never happened :(

also, Wolvie didn't have his own comic until nearly a dozen years after X-Men first had theirs, same as whoever saw the X-Men for the first time this weekend, it will be the first X-Men team to them, just as there will always be the "definitive" version to you guys, right?.

Was this version just too good a movie that it's going to ruin kids in wanting to read the comics, or going to stop them from wanting to go into the story arcs? Hardly. Plenty of new gen-Xers (get it? Xers I'm so cool!) will flock to the comics. The film was well-written, had great powerful resounding performances, decent f/x, and was an entertaining movie. I don't see this turning anyone off except the purists.....hint hint hint XP"

That's really all ya can say when it comes to the puritans.


TheMovieGuy28 6/6/2011 12:59:35 AM

Also, a hypothetical. What would happen if the Juggernaut ran into Sebastian Shaw at full speed?

ponyboy76 6/6/2011 2:55:00 AM

The movie itself was quality. I'm not denying that, but it was not a quality movie about the "X-men".

My problem will always be that, Fox doen't have a good reason not to do a proper X-men movie. They say this was a reboot and yet they cameoed some of the same characters. If they really wanted to reboot the franchise properly, all they would had to do is use the original team. So what if they were in the first 3 movies. Its a reboot, just like Batman Begins. Joker was in Burton Batman and Nolan's. It didn't matter much to people. They didn't not go see it because the same character was in it.

The people at Fox are either too stupid or plain lazy. Maybe both.

Anyway, saw it once, and won't pay to see it again.


flinshadytoo 6/6/2011 4:02:21 AM

" “The movie really excelled in successfully launching a brand new chapter in the X-Men franchise, or new beginning if you will,” Fox senior vice president of domestic distribution Chris Aronson said."

What he really meant was "After the terrific mess we made of Wolverine when we alienated most of the fans & cinema going public we didn't expect too much from this movie, but it looks like the positive reviews, a decent plot & a good director might make a difference....... "  Wow! Maybe even if they don't expect a lot from comic book readers, they are beginning to realise that we aren't morons lol.


shadowprime 6/6/2011 5:34:05 AM


As I noted on the review Thread, I loved the movie. No offense, but to me, the X MEN "history" has been revised, over-written, tweaked, scrapped, undone, redone, rebooted, and the like, so many  times, in so many ways, that I am not overly concerned with it, at this point. I thought the movie worked - it was fun, smart, well-acted, fast-paced and interesting. I thought the leads were terrific.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to box office discussions... clearly, box office is hugely important, on a practical level. However, when it comes to trying to correlate box office to quality, I balk, at least somewhat. So many OTHER factors play into that, IMHO. If you like a movie, or don't, it shouldn't matter how it performs at the box office, when it comes to discussing the quality of the movie itself. To sieze a recent example out of the air, I don't care how much BRIDESMAIDS makes - I thought it was a wholly unfunny, amazingly tedious, awful theft of two hours of my life. Just saying.

FIRST CLASS, in my opinion, got very little build-up or hype - it really snuck in "under the radar". Kind of strange in this era where hype is usually a given. I hope it is given some time for word of mouth to kick in, as I think word of mouth is going to be very positive, and I think this is the kind of superhero movie that can appeal to folks who aren't necessarily "into" superhero movies. But that kind of patience is a rarity anymore, AND the summer is tough, in that you have a new "big event" fantasy movie almost every week - SUPER 8, GREEN LANTERN, and TRANSFORMERS are all on the horizon.

All that being said - enjoyed it a lot. Well done!


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