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swisshammer 7/16/2010 9:17:41 AM

Aw crap. I should've clicked through before I wrote that above. It IS Abin Sur! Awesome!

GLCorpsMember 7/16/2010 10:29:50 AM

I've been kinda excited about Walking Dead since it was announced and I've seen all the zombie shots they've released recently and they were pretty good but that photo pushed me over the edge!!!  I can't wait for this now.  Cast looks perfect!

GL?  Yeah loving everything to the point that I may need to touch myself inappropriately.

todd890 7/16/2010 12:15:28 PM

that's too much information man

fatpantz 7/16/2010 12:20:23 PM

Wow....all I can say is WOW!!

Asa true fan of Walking Dead since issue #1, that cast pic gave me chills and made me all giddy inside.  I cant wait!!!  My cousin and I were going to hit up SDCC this year just for their panel....missed out on the friday tickets tho *sigh*

animefanjared 7/16/2010 1:55:40 PM

I agree that these GL pics look a lot better than the one we got yesterday.  Either way, I'm looking forward to it.  I mean, we all agree that the first Spider-Man was a pretty good movie even if the Green Goblin looked ridiculous.

I also am excited about Thor.  I don't know much about the character, so I'm looking forward to learning more (and that also means I can't be upset by any changes from continuity).

I want X-Men First Class to be good, but I'm getting more and more concerned with each cast member they announce.  Not that anyone is a bad actor (honestly, I'm not familiar with most of them), just that there are so many of them.  I know a lot of people feel like Wolverine hijacked the first three films, but if we're being honest, the necessities of a two hour runtime mean that some characters will have to get more screen time than others.  All of these people being announced so early have me concerned that the studio is going to try and make all of them major players, and I just don't think there'll be enough time in the movie to do them all justice.  I would rather have less characters done well than a lot of characters being half-assed.  (Perfect example: even after waiting for three movies, I would have vastly preferred that Gambit never make it to the big screen than see that aborted take on the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.)

I personally think Emma Frost fills the femme fatale role, we don't need Mystique too. 

FerretJohn 7/16/2010 2:48:40 PM

Green Lantern and Thor look better every time I hear about them.  X-Men: First Class not so much.  It just sounds like they're trying to load too many mutants into it.  Simple always works better, keep it to the Professor and the original five, Magneto and maybe a few lackeys, and maybe, MAYBE, a couple of cameos and it would be a good movie (provided the writers actually tried making a quality story).

scytheofluna 7/16/2010 5:31:55 PM

Walking Dead!  Hellmothaf#ckinyeah!   Cannot wait.  Next to WWZ, my favourite zom-adiction.  Cannot wait.  If it's successful maybe it'll get Plan 9 and Paramount busy on World War Z.

todd890 7/16/2010 6:22:20 PM

With all the X-Men films so far there are too many mutants, I was hoping that Wolverine would only have two maybe three other mutants but no I counted ten in total, I'm roughly guessing on that part.

Most of Wolverine should have had that war for most of the film and the ending when he gets to be in the weapon X program. And none of the over the top special effects.

Personally I would have had all the actors swearing every half an hour, have it dark and keep it very close to the real origins. Plus I would have had Hugh made uglier, the characters facial hair isn't cut short.

sorry for the rant, though Walking Dead does look cool.


almostunbiased 7/16/2010 6:54:51 PM

Jennifer Lawrence is cute doesn't look like she fits the bill, but blue her up and gine us a nasty look and maybe so.  Hope she can act.

Calibur454 7/16/2010 8:40:29 PM

animefanjarhead- I know how you feel about so many charachters I've already said it once before for xmen first class but the same can be true for the avengers movie I really hope they can air out a decent story for avengers. I'm curious to see where Iron man 3 goes.

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