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RedHood2010 2/10/2011 6:17:55 PM

I dig the serious tone and the attempt for real emotion.  I am getting more interested.

almostunbiased 2/10/2011 7:12:00 PM

I'm there!

dawntreader 2/10/2011 7:45:31 PM

 Wow. That was extremely uneXpected...


doff 2/10/2011 7:47:28 PM

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Darkrebel77 2/10/2011 8:14:03 PM

The direct and serious tone give the movie Ground. This is particularly good because of where the series had "Left off". X3 didn't cut it, chunky cuts, too many useless new characters, Changes to characters, a fat slob director, and a poor connectivity with its previous films...  X1 was good, it didn't have much of a budget because FOX at the time wasn't confident in the film/genre. X2, of course better.  - Why so many WHINE about the changes to everything from the comics? It has to happen sometimes, not to the extent of X3, but definitely to keep it real as done in X1-2.  This new feature looks like it'll have that good feel to it. I applaud that.

Clownican 2/10/2011 9:03:56 PM

Jizzed in my pants.

InnerSanctum 2/10/2011 9:12:35 PM

 I'm sorry, this trailer got me more jazzed that either Thor or Green Lantern.  It just looks cool.  The 60's and the tone...I'll be there to see it when it opens.  

littlemikey979 2/10/2011 9:14:46 PM

Wow, that already looks better than the other X-movies. Still not happy about some of the character choices but looks like it migh work out ok. I'll be there.

UltimateTypeface 2/10/2011 9:26:42 PM

Forgive them Stan Lee for they not not what they do.

I think we have to except these people/assholes are not trying to make a movie that is true to the original comic books. They don't give a fat rats clacker about comic book fans like Violator and Wiseguy they are aiming this at mainstream punters.

I dont know why they don't have faith in the original creators - these characters have endured for decades and shouldn't be fucked with. They got no respect.

Put aside your dreams of seeing you beloved X-men in this movie, you will only be disappointed. Go along and enjoy this as a different story but its not the one I want to see.

Chopsaki 2/10/2011 9:38:25 PM

Good looking trailer, the historical context reminds me a bit of Watchmen. I agree with the poeple who mentioned that Matthew Vaughn did a great job on Kick-Ass. I'll give it a shot.

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