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X-Men Misfits Manga Canceled?

Wolverine: Prodigal Son also getting the axe

By Chris Beveridge     April 12, 2010

X-Men: Misfits Vol. #01
© Del Rey

News out of the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival this past weekend, courtesy of Deb Aoki, has garnered confirmations that the two original manga properties done by Del Rey Manga for Marvel Comics have gotten the axe. Last year, Del Rey made some good noise with their release of X-Men: Misfits Vol. 1 (which we liked a lot) and Wolverine: Prodigal Son Vol. 1. While at one of the tables where the writer of the X-Men: Misfits was doing signings, Raina Telgemeier revealed that the title was canceled last week with no full disclosure yet on why, though licensing costs and returns on the project (and Wolverine: Prodigal Son) are considered the obvious ones. X-Men: Misfits did pretty well upon its release last August and made it onto the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels and the series was only going to be a two volume run in total, with several pages having already been illustrated by the artist Anzu for it.

Telgemeier's co-writer, Dave Roman, followed up with more via Twitter on its cancellation:

"Wow! News travels fast! @goraina and I super disappointed since it was written as a 2-part story and it will be unfair to readers. We only found out last week. We still don't have a lot of the details beyond it being a cost of licensing vs. profits issue. :/ I only saw about 20 pages of Book 2 pencils a few months back so I assumed Anzu was far along, but still deep into it. Those are the emotions that I keep going through regarding Misfits. Confusion then disappointment. Most successful non-success"

Telgemeier added later on:

"Yes. It's true. Dave and I will have more to say, later."



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