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hanso 5/15/2009 6:04:35 AM

I played the demo, thought it was cool. Not "I wanna drop $60" cool but more in line with "i'll rent it" cool.

Much better than the movie though.

TayDor 5/15/2009 2:16:43 PM

This game freakin' rocks.  I have it for the PC.  Yes, some of the fights can be repetitive, but damn its fun watching the blood fly. 

There's quick kills you can do. (grab nemy and hit the Y button) and you get a fun animated instakill.  My favorite is the one where he grabs the guy, shoves the glaws in at the neck and slices downwords, disembowling the poor guard.  There's another fun one with a guard type called "Goliath" where you pull off his cybernetic arm and beat him to death with it.

Feral Senses is NOT the best video game representation of Wolvie's poowers.  The game "Wolverine's Revenge" did the feral senses far better. 

The best realization of Wolverine's power is the Regeneration.  You'll spend tiome purposefully damaging Wolverine just to watch the regen.  As he takes damage, wolverine sports wounds appropriate to the weapon.  Someone shoots him, he gets a bullet wound.  Someone slices him, he gets a laceration.  The good part is watching his wounds heal in real time.  The model of Wolverine has a skin layer, a muscle layer, and a skeletal layer.  Wolvie can get so damaged, you see bits of his skeleton.  When the regen starts, you'll see the muscle layer regen first and then the skin layer cover it.  It's so sweet.

The starting and ending cutscenes are set in the same sorta dark future as "days of future past" storyline.  Which makes me think, they could make a sequel to the game and set it in the future.

hannibalking 5/17/2009 5:55:50 AM

Too frustrating eh? From my experience, I don't know about that. Even the hardest difficulty was too easy.

izal169 7/1/2009 5:57:41 AM

This game is really incredible. I hope there will be original x-men the next. I like the action that is in this game. but why not on the PC. because for the cost of the PS3 requires quite a lot.

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ivybot 8/9/2009 11:20:39 AM

This game is awesome and gruesome at the same time! Freaking robot ~

maniacgame 8/13/2009 10:55:08 AM

I wanna playing this X-men next, thanks for this review

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spaidy 8/14/2009 5:15:35 AM

I've tried this game. very cool and amazing effect of this game. flow with the story of this game, I became penasara.

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sawse 8/29/2009 12:01:30 AM

Awesome game! Do check out the secret weapons whippng about. Cool graphics pus gruesome details makes for a hit!


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