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hanso 1/10/2013 3:30:09 PM

 I want to see some single boob women and hot lesbian action in this flick.  Lets get it!

hanso 1/10/2013 3:37:35 PM

 Isnt JGL too old for the role?  I thought Yorick was suppose to be younger.  Although a 28 yr old is playing teen Peter Parker so I guess it dont matter.

Id like to see them go younger, like Logan Lerman, Dave Franco, Zac Effron, Anton Yelchin, Robert Pattison, etc.

reek 1/10/2013 4:43:31 PM

@Wise, I agree that sequels are on the mind of every writer in the movie biz, just look at this year's box office; sequels and adaptations are almost the only things that made money.  I do think though that you can leave open the possibility of sequels while making a movie that can stand on it's own (1st Matrix, Wanted).  I just kind of resent movies that introduce themselves as part 1 right off the bat.  It's actually why I haven't seen the Hobbit, and won't until I can watch a complete movie.  It's not a hard and fast rule, I make exceptions.  Pisses me off far worse when video games do it though (assasins creed 1, SW:KOTR).  As for JGL and his being in everything, I just look at it as strike when the iron is hot.  Whenever a new star hits big, they seem to try and get as much work as possible as quick as possible.  Remeber Ben Affleck, Vince Vaugh, Ben Stiller and Janine Garofolo all did the same thing a decade or so ago.  JGL is a good actor though, and he has some integrity.  I remember him on a talk show promoting GI Joe and he just couldn't bring himself to say that is was going to be a good movie.  He kept calling it "Big" and a "popcorn movie" but he just couldn't actually say it would be any good.  That's about as honest as a young actor can get.

thezillaman 1/10/2013 10:09:42 PM

 this shit was out on life time movie network feew  years ago, boooooring..this remake will probably be as borrrring as the one that was out on cable tv..

Dazzler 1/11/2013 3:29:28 AM

I love the topic of the movie.  I give my approval to keep moving on project.  I hope they keep Emma Stone out of it.....

Mossy1221 1/11/2013 4:04:27 AM

 YEAH!.... What westend said.

ElBaz13 1/11/2013 6:58:19 AM

Agree Hanso.

If you read the comic., it's R rated, has boobs and lesbians.

Having a PG-13 movie of the comic would not capture the essence.

lazarus 1/11/2013 11:46:56 AM


kellercyclist 1/16/2013 8:53:38 AM

The premise is similar to the Frank Herbert novel "The White Plague" except in that one all the women are killed via revenge from a man whose wife and kids were killed by the IRA. Great book. Strange twist: The guy who started the plague is the protagonist. Highly suggest.

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