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Dull sword sharp writing

March 27, 2011
Release Date: March 20, 2001

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My eyes have always been fixed on movies such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and The Godfather to name a few but to never come across anime was a mistake when I learned about Berserk. Can i touch it? Can it fight back? Can it see me? How can I describe an anime without referring it to as an anime for the sake of movie goers and such who aren’t optimistic to give this a chance so they can see what encourages me each and every step of the way to become a profound director in Hollywood and bring it back to its roots with masterpieces like this, Citizen Kane, Spirited Away, Coldplay (Clocks). Before you think I’m bringing to comparison different categories. Well this is what this delivers –The best of all worlds.

Can one be at the edge of the cliff and pretend there is no worries? Berserk demonstrates that even in fantasy world physics still exist and knowing that will save your life. Here is a case of a young man who evolves from oppressive to becoming for refined and well mannered without the sacrifice of his ego. That is what we all should understand that change is not permanent that it is merely a bruise and not a scar. No one person is perfect, no one army is perfect but love and dedication never loses focus that it clouds the mind to make us believe we have immortality.

I'm sure everysingle indivisual with the ability to not be distracted by violence would apprecaite this masterpeice.

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