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Yen Plus Digital Edition Details Revealed

By Chris Beveridge     July 26, 2010

Yen Press
© Yen Press
Yen Press made their announcement at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend as to how their recently canceled Yen Plus magazine for manga will be handled in its new digital incarnation. The new model, which offers free access for a short window in order to let fans sample, is essentially $2.99 and issue where you can get the previous month and the new month of manga delivered to you on the first Tuesday of every month. 
By not having the online edition retain older material beyond a month, this is likely to encourage you to acquire the print graphic novel when (if?) it's released down the line. The $2.99 price point is just right as it offers a good bit of material each month to fans who want to read chapter by chapter and try a variety of offerings from the company.
Yen Press is keeping this to juts a web effort at the moment, though hopefully they'll work in creating both apps for Apple and Android devices so those who want to read things on the go have more options as well.
If you were a subscriber before, would you continue with this format? And if you were not a subscriber before will you sample it now, especially as there are apparently no regional issues associated with according to some SDCC related tweets?
Press Release:  It was announced Friday at San Diego Comic-Con that Yen Plus, the monthly manga anthology from Yen Press, is now available online at And for a limited time, Yen Press will offer free access to the August issue from now through September 10th.
Yen Publisher Kurt Hassler said: "It's no secret that there is a huge demand for the digital delivery of manga content. Our responsibility as publishers is to grow and change both with the industry and the readers to meet that demand. Relaunching YEN PLUS in a digital format is our first major step in that direction, and as we look at expanding the selection that the magazine has to offer in the coming months, we look forward to not only hearing from our existing readers but reaching out to new audiences as well."
Each issue of Yen Plus includes the latest installments of popular manga such as Maximum Ride, Daniel X, Nightschool, Time And Again, and more. A new online edition will appear on the first Tuesday of each month.
Subscriptions will cost $2.99 per month (sales tax may apply), and members will have access to the two most recent issues of the magazine. Each month the oldest issue is removed and a new issue is added, so readers always have access to fresh new manga.


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