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Yost on IRON MAN

HULK VS scribe runs the show on ARMORED ADVENTURES

By Ken Pasini     January 28, 2009
Source: Mania

Iron Man Armored Adventures (slideshow)
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Last week we talked Chris Yost, a staple writer over at the animated branch of Marvel Entertainment. While that conversation was largely about 'Hulk Vs', Yost also gave a preview of coming attraction for upcoming Marvel animate fare, including the new toon show 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures'. Yost told us that he's well acquainted with that program, which airs here in the U.S. later this year.

Here's our Q & A with Mr. Yost:


Yost: I was the story editor and head writer for 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures'. That's coming in, I want to say, April.


Mania: Speaking of fan complaints, fans have definitely noticed Tony Stark being a teenager in that one. What what the decision to go so young with Tony?

Mandarin concept design for Iron Man Armored Adventures

Yost: It was really to make the character a little more approachable for younger kids. If you look at Tony Stark: He loves the ladies, he loves a little drinky here and there. He's a weapons maker. He's not the most kid-friendly character in the world.

So that was one of the instances where, how do you make that character more approachable for children?

They'd done this before with 'X-Men: Evolution' and that worked out alright. I think by the end of that show we had a really good following.

I think 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures' really speaks to the character of Tony Stark. He's recognizable. He's still dealing with Star Industries. He's still got Pepper and Rhodey there. Still an obsessive character. Still hunting down technology. You're going to recognize him.


Mania: Will we see a lot of Marvel Team-Ups?

Yost: You'll see a few.

Blizzard as he appears in Iron Man Armored Adventures

You're also going to get, in my opinion, one of the best translations of the Iron Man rogue's gallery. I think visually the characters are stunning. We throw 'em at you dude.


Mania: Which villains will we see?

Yost: Name 'em. Living Laser, Killer Shrike, Blizzard, Mandarin, Dreadknight. Literally a slew of characters.


Mania: I didn't hear Fin Fang Foom in that list...

Yost: I didn't list off 20 characters. I'm not saying he's in there. I'm not saying he's not!

Any Iron Man fan is going to be pretty pleased with the representation of the rogues gallery.


Mania: Are there any Marvel character that you'd love to work on but haven't had a chance too yet?

Yost: There's probably 4000.


Whiplash as he appears in Iron Man Armored Adventures

Mania: What's at the top of your list?

Yost: The majors are pretty well covered.

The great thing about Marvel is you'd love to see them branch out into...you know, like an Adult Swim 'Daredevil' series would be amazing. Or a super-young 'Power Pack'.

There's a lot of places that Marvel Animation has yet to go, that hopefully will be coming soon, you know?

Hopefully with the success of the 'Hulk Vs' DVD it'll bring in a bigger audience. You can see the possibilities.

A lot of it depends on the Film side too. What's the film side doing that we want to support?

You're going to be seeing a new 'Thor' series. You're going to be seeing an 'Avengers' series.


Mania: Do you have plans to work on the feature film side?

Yost: I wouldn't say no, but to be honest with you I'm working on the 'Avengers' series right now and I could not be happier. I think that show is gonna just be amazing.


Promo art for 'Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes' the new TV show from Marvel Animation

Mania: Is it the classic roster...the roster for the movie?

Yost: Well, they released an image that has Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Ant-Man and Wasp on it. It's pretty classic to me.

The roster will grow as the Avengers rosters will do.


Mania: Is Spider-Man trapped in some sort of alternate reality because of licensing? I keep waiting for the new Spider-Man animated DVD movie.

Yost: I know that 'Spectacular Spider-Man' is a pretty great show.


Mania: Anything else in the pipeline from Marvel that we haven't heard about?

Yost: Frank Paur, who directed 'Hulk vs Wolverine', is handling 'Planet Hulk' and from what I hear it's amazing.


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TriangleChoke 1/28/2009 8:15:43 AM

 the concept art for the villains look pretty cool.

Wallace85 1/28/2009 9:53:56 AM

I don't mind the new look of the villains but I hope they don't give aaaaall the villains armor.But that's what I really want to see as a serious themed Daredevil cartoon movie.

DaForce1 1/28/2009 9:55:08 AM

Saw the pilot for this when Toon Haven was still up...what I didn't like, that Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey are all teenagers in high school. What I did like, the new take on the Manadarin (even though he's another teenager). The animation still needs a bit of work since it's still a bit jerky (CGI with toon shading). All in all, much much better than that horrid Iron Man animated movie that Marvel released back in 2007.

thatguy1 1/28/2009 12:14:30 PM

I saw the pilot for Iron Boy.  Terrible.  I hoped to like it, but it's both poorly animated and poorly written.  The voice acting is no hell either.

If they want kids to be able to enjoy it, try the approach the Brave and the Bold is taking.  No deep story arcs, no personal backstory on the characters, just a fun action show.  This concept just puts teenaged characters in place of adults, removes their flaws and replaces them with angst.  Unwatchable garbage.

NotAFan 1/28/2009 8:10:32 PM

Making Ironman a teenager is just F*cking stupid! He's supposed to be this big Playboy! It's a big part of his Character. Making him a teenager nullifies that. So what are we left with then? A Peter Parker Clone who trys to balance the stresses of being a super-hero with the stresses of being a teenager? Been there done that it's called Spectacular Spider-man and it was on CW's Kids' WB until they tured into Japanamation central! I heard SS is moving to Disney XD (AKA Toon Disney) for anyone who cares! There was suppossed to be two more seasons at least. Hopefully these will get to air on Disney XD!

jedi4sshield 1/28/2009 8:11:45 PM

Come on now! Tony Stark as a Teenager with the Iron Man Suit. Utter crap. They just crapped all over the movie franchise and the Comic Book Franchise. Hell, Tony should develop a Suit that will just craps at will. Hey kids see this mechanism lets the Crap flow like peanut butter, while this control lets it come out chunky style! What will marvel think up next! Maybe Thor had Moljinor since childbirth and slept with it his Asguard crib or maybe Dr.Strange got his powers originally from a Ouija board! What's next!!!

mbeckham1 1/29/2009 9:41:44 AM

So it's sort of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if Willow were a dude, built a suite of armor and fought, well bullies?, Buffy were also a dude pursuing a career in  the military and Xander was a chick who would be Willow/Stark's future assistant. 



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