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irockdiesel 3/19/2013 6:18:38 PM

I enjoyed the episode, however I felt as if someone whipped out Dave Chappelle's "Wrap-it-box" and had that Oscar music playing throughout the duration of the show.  I mean, did anyone else feel as if everything was just too.. straight and to the point?  I mean, granted, they (the writers) probably knew the show was coming to an end and had to make sure all loose ends were clipped and burned. I still enjoyed the show and, had there been a season 3, they would have brought Wally back.  He was a horndog in the beginning but turned out to be an awesome character.  He deserved a better send off.  I knew that moment he stepped on that Zeta tube, he was toast.  Anyway, I hope someone gets the bright idea to include Young Justice on Warner's Direct to DVD animated movies.  Futurama benefitted from those sales and was brought back on the air to Comedy Central. Here's hoping....

johnnydestructo1 3/20/2013 8:59:31 AM


johnnydestructo1 3/20/2013 9:00:19 AM

Agreed @irock...on all counts!

noahbody 3/20/2013 12:02:43 PM

Well now there are no longer any shows I watch on CN. I might check out the new BM no way in hell am going to watch TTs. 

RaithManan 3/20/2013 12:54:16 PM

DC didn't make the decision Lazarus, it was Cartoon Network... in fact the current regime at Cartoon Network is responsible for making A LOT of retarded decisions because the suits at Warners is looking at it from a merchandizing standpoint.  Which is funny given that I hardly see anything, much less SEEN promoting the shows toy-wise. 

Plus how many times have they yanked shows with sudden hiatuses and retuns with no advanced notices.  They just pull it and bring it back, hoping you catch on to it.  You can't sustain audience interest to invest in shows and when they backlash then the network complains and pulls it entirely.  Given that they fired the last guy in charge 3 months ago for pretty much those grievances and YET they keep doing the same stupid practice. 

The only show they didn't dare to cross much was "Clone Wars" (now suddenly cancelled due to the momentum of Episode VII) because they didn't produce that show, George Lucas' own money and studio cranked that out and was obvious when it came to scheduling they made sure people knew when it was being put on hiatus and brought back on well in advance.  Now that Star Wars is a Disney license, and re-runs likely be put on Disney XD at some point, 2013 could be the year that may force CN and Warners to seriously have lots of boardroom meetings and fingerpointing as to who is really responsible for the mess they've gotten themselves into.

Its moves like that the reason why they're now lagging behind Disney XD and Nickelodeon.  They're barely holding off The Hub and I don't see them holding them off much longer given that its Margaret Loesch behind the wheel of The Hub- -with her long and ridiculous resume with some of the most famous cartoon shows in history the past 30 years she helped produced and her history as the overlord of Fox Network Kids when it started.

There was a time Cartoon Network used to be cool, especially with the Toonami block and Adult Swim when it was innovative.  But they now fill it it with lots of crappy, unfunny and badly animated toons (don't even get me started on Teen Titans GO given the nightmare witnessing some of their shorts on DC Nation and DC should be ashamed of themselves).  It's one thing to be kid-friendly to appeal to kids, its another to be insulting to kids.  Even back in my day (now 42 years old), we didn't have it THAT BAD because it wasn't that mindless.  We're there some bad cartoons at that time?  Yes, but atleast there was actually effort when it was done and I even watched some of them.  But there were PLENTY of good ones.  Thank god for memories, DVD and Boomerang (as long as they keep crap off that channel). 

Somewhere around 2004, someone in the boardroom must have said, "Yes, I believe the future of quality or even decent programming is through shitty writing, bad execution and embracing stupidity."  Makes me wonder if they attended Uwe Boll University.    


joe4306 3/20/2013 2:55:27 PM

i'm 55 years old and i can remember when hanna-barbera made some of the best super hero cartoons on saturday morning tv(space ghost.....anybody????? those were the glory days of saturday morning tv!!!! gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN.

RantMaster 3/21/2013 12:09:02 PM

 I have to agree with all of you.  THis show was excellent in it's quality and story.  Loved the animation style as well.  CN is the death of superhero animation.  The suits there have rationalized away all of the best DC heroes stuff to it's grave.  They pushed JLU into a time slot where it could not be found.  They killed off the Batman and destroyed GL with some awful animation style.  They really need to hire a keen comic guy to give them some directions and lock the suits out of the room.  Bruce TImm and Paul Dini would be my pick as they know the DC characters pretty well.  Throw in Frank Miller and Geoff Johns and you would have a team of talent for the ages.  

Lex0807 3/21/2013 2:32:23 PM

 @Rantmaster:no Frank Miller animation please.His heyday has long past.Who can stomach him these days past his classic work?

GothicStorm 3/23/2013 1:07:27 AM

It's interesting that DC is trying to cater to a younger crowd after killing off one of the fan's favorite heroes. Irony...

Teen Titans Go is nothing more than all the parts of the old Teen Titans that I used to hate. Ok, SOME of the chibi scenes were cute, but it got old after a while (2 episodes).

And so we don't get Cyborg, but we get Static Shock...errr just Static. The youngins get the Watchtower and the rest of the Justice League are now on the streets (Hall of Justice was destroyed a little while back). A bright and shiny Gotham City...FYI, I heard Batman moved to Dakota City.

My guess is that they will wrap the Darkseid storyline up with a movie or 2...anyway to make more money.

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