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  • Episode: THE HUNT (Season 2, Episode 17)
  • Starring (Voice Talents): Tim Curry, Crispin Freeman, Kevin Grevioux, Bryton James, Janice Kawaye, Phil LaMarr, Jesse McCartney, Danica McKellar, Masasa Moyo, Gregg Rainwater, Freddy Rodriguez, Mark Rolston
  • Written By: Brandon Vietti
  • Directed By: Doug Murphy
  • Network: Cartoon Network
  • Studio: Warner Brothers
  • Series:


Things fall out of reach.

By Johnny Destructo     February 27, 2013

Woah. Talk about taken off-guard. Holy Hannah! I've gained some respect for a character that until now, I've found quite annoying. But we'll get to that in a bit.

So The Reach is hiding out up in WarWorld, (the place that by all rights should still be messing up Earth, by being a giant moon-sized ship right next door) and are holding all of the captured heroes in stasis. Arsenal is also up there, on the run from Reach soldiers, quickly finding out to his dismay that he may be all alone. I am very quickly starting to love this guy. He started off as a little overly-broody and snarky, but watching him in action is pretty rad. 

Nightwing and Miss Martian have a bit of a "guilt-off", both admitting why everything is there fault, and the nice thing about the scene is that just as it's getting annoying to hear them both taking the blame and being all emo, the characters BRING up the fact that they are being annoying and need to just get over it and save the team. Oh and Sphere is back, the adorable little ball.

Last but not least, the …I don't know what to call them. Kidnapees? Luthor's team? Misfits? I like the band, so yeah, The Misfits it is. They take a break from smashing Reach-related stuff on the street back at their apt, supplied by Luthor, when he gives them a Father Box to help them Boom Tube to Warworld to do some rescuing. The stage is set and all the pieces move in to converge in a battle to save the heroes!

There is a ton of bad-ass fight scenes, great dialogue and key moments that make this episode one of the more exciting ones to date. Some highlights:

I love that we finally see how it is that Green Beetle passed Miss Martians mind-probing, allowing everyone to trust that he was on the up-and-up. Turns out that the lil Miss was too afraid of what she did to Aqualad to try to dig very deep and was therefore easily mislead into thinking Green Beetle was a good-guy. So there's that.

The most shocking bit of this episode had to be G. Gordon Godfrey! Sweet cats that was awesome. A character that has been purposely set up to be annoying and a constant bane to the heroes of Earth, and one of the biggest supporters of The Reach, calls the visiting aliens out on their B.S! Right on national television. He immediately stopped being a one-note character and developed what they call a character arc. Color me extremely whelmed. I'll be honest, as lame as it is, I may have clapped my hands and muttered "awesome". 

At a show. 

That couldn't hear me. 

Luckily I was alone and no one was there to judge me. But that's how good this show is, it actually gets a verbal response from me at times.

Another little bit of something that I didn't see coming: Arsenal not freeing the heroes in stasis first, but freeing MONGUL? Gah-wha?? Of course! Unleash the giant angry guy to fight the other giant angry guy whilst you make a getaway. A bit of a risk, but hey, that's Arsenal for you.

So, something struck me…Lex Luthor sends his new team to the Warworld via a Father Box. He's doing all this remotely using Skype or iChat or something, whatever. But then when they return to the apt, he's STILL just sitting there on Skype. What the hell was he doing the entire time, playing MineCraft and creepily staring into their empty apartment? 

I like to think so.

The episode ends, not entirely well, but interestingly. The heroes are all rescued, they make their escape, but Arsenal, due to his behavior is booted from the team by Nightwing, and The Misfits reject NW's offer to join. They also discover that Lex is a d-bag and sever all ties to him as well, leaving Arsenal & The Misfit on their own, to do things their own way. I can't wait to see what these kids are going to get up to next.

Some of the cool: 

Arsenal trying to get a machine to work:

"Yeah, that's what you get…..Oh NOW you're just being PETTY!"

I literally LOL'd on that one. Just great.

I also liked watching a Reach soldier get casually kicked by Tye's giant ghost-form.

Some of the not-so cool:

Any time Black Beetle talks, it takes me directly out of the moment. His voice just really seems over the top and all I think about is the actor doing the voice. Same with G. Gordon Godfrey, actually. Usually the voice acting is so ridiculous that all I can think of when he's in a scene, is Tim Curry. But he was so awesome this episode, I gave it a pass.

The wrap-up:

Yup. Another really good episode of a really good show that is ending entirely too early. 


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mike10 2/27/2013 3:03:07 PM

Cartoon Network really sucks. They cancelled Young Justice and Green Lantern, two of my favorite animated shows. Add that to Star Wars Clone Wars probably leaving Cartoon Network and there will be nothing for me to watch on the channel.

CalamityJohnson 2/27/2013 3:36:22 PM

yep, bye bye CN. Come summer 2013 you are officially off my "channels to surf" and "channels to DVR" lists.  Good going $$$ grubbing execs! Cater ONLY to one class of clientele and alienate your more mature audiences. Brilliant move. DC & Marvel - steer clear!!

Jairami 2/27/2013 9:02:18 PM

Called it on Green/Miss Martian.  ^_^

Moz72 2/28/2013 2:11:05 PM

Black Beetle is voiced by Kevin Grevioux who played the Lycan Raze in the Underworld movies, and yes thats his real voice.

Clownican 2/28/2013 8:29:45 PM

 Lets no forget that Cartoon network also didnt renew Thundercats last year.........

Lets face it.. here in America we are not allowed to have Animated shows that are adult friendly unless said show is comedy.

What I would love to see is a Gotham City animated show. Centered around the whole extended bat-family. Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, Red Robin, Red Hood, Birds of Prey & Catwoman. WOULD BE FANTASTIC.

KyleRayner 3/1/2013 8:17:36 AM

 unless its a Batman show, those come left and right and last for seasons, cause the only cool hero in the entire world is Batman... dont get me wrong, i love the guy but this infatuation with him, is getting tiresome.

Mooncrow 3/3/2013 2:41:20 PM

 This series is really the best of  the animated  DC universe and that's already thinking that DC has been very successful with animation for years. Too bad its ending.



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