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raynardmuldrake 2/7/2011 4:49:42 PM

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yvonne Strahovski...*shiver*  nuff said!

ElBaz13 2/7/2011 5:24:49 PM

Marvel needs a strong female character. Don't get me wrong, Widow and Wasp are strong in their own ways but Ms M can go toe to toe with the big boys.

Always loved the Carol Danvers character.

Wiseguy 2/7/2011 5:51:19 PM

Yvonne Strahovski is probably the sexiest woman on tv so I wouldn't be opposed to her donning Ms.Marvel's outfit. But if true it's more than likely that she would only play Danvers as an Air Force officer maybe attached to SHIELD and perhaps set her up for the future. But picturing her in Ms.Marvel's outfit is mouth watering.

Having said that CMB  has some good stuff but they post just about anything they hear so I wouldn't bet on this being true. Almost anyone can post whatever gossip they want to start on that site

Shasta 2/7/2011 5:55:15 PM

I was wondering which female characters were going to make an appearance in the film and Ms. Marvel would be a welcomed addition in my opinion......especially if played by the very attractive Yvonne Strahovski. She would have made one hecka of a good black widow or viper by the way if anyone has seen her in Chuck lately.

krathwardroid 2/7/2011 7:22:59 PM

Hey, awesome! Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2! Yeah, I can definitely see Yvonne playing Ms. Marvel.

axia777 2/8/2011 5:02:21 AM

Yes, I can see her acting as Ms. Marvel and it would be AWESOME.  She has the acting chops and the has the looks.  She also does comedy and I seem to remember Marvel being a flippant, arcastic type of person.  So that would work out well.

My only worry is that Ms. Marvel gets her powers from being a fusion of alien Kree and human genes.  That means they HAVE to introduce the Kree at least at a basic level.  My worry about that is Ms. marvel getting her powers is rather involved.  What is she going to do?  Tell the story in a flash back or something?  I just hope they handle the introduction well and the movie is pretty long so it can handle it.


axia777 2/8/2011 5:03:04 AM

 IF it is true that is.......

millean 2/8/2011 9:54:00 AM


I still say the entire cast of CHUCK should get their own superhero movie...


OmegaDean 2/8/2011 10:37:53 AM

She could be Ms Marvel, but wouldn't it just be sweet as hell if she were to be Mocking Bird to Hawkeye... Oh how lovely.

axia777 2/8/2011 2:18:37 PM

 "OmegaDean - She could be Ms Marvel, but wouldn't it just be sweet as hell if she were to be Mocking Bird to Hawkeye... Oh how lovely."

That would be pretty sweet too.  Great idea!



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