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Zak Penn talks 'Young X-Men', 'Avengers' and more

    March 09, 2008
Source: presents a video interview with screenwriter Zak Penn, who talks about a few things comics-to-filmic.

With regards to the 'Young X-Men' project, Penn said, "Theoretically that still will happen. They're waiting until Wolverine comes out before they make those decisions, but the idea is there and it's been pitched. I would do it if they wanted to do it."

Collider asked if he wrote the dialogue for 'Men in Black'.

"That is kind of true. I didn't write all the dialogue in 'Men in Black' but I was the on-set writer," Penn said. "It was a really good script when I came in, so it wasn't that much work, but I wrote a bunchg of it. I'll take credit for that."

There's been the discussion about 'Avengers', of doing...whatever the next iteration of computer animation is after this, the next step after 'Beowulf'', is something we would definitely consider for that.


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