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Zettai Muteki Raijin-oh

When the legendary Guardian Eldoran is badly wounded by the fifth-dimensional invaders of the Jaku Empire. He has no choice but to leave the Earth's only salvation - the mighty robot Raijin-Oh - in the hands of the first people he can find ... which happens to be a classroom of 5th Graders.

The children reluctantly take up the responsibility only to find that the Jaku monsters invading their planet have become the living incarnations of the things they dislike the most! Can the Earth Defense Class successfully learn to work as a team, overcome their stigmas and defeat the forces of evil while (futilely) attempting to teach Jin how to perform decimal division?!

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

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Region 1 - North America

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Anime Midstream Licenses Zettai Muteki Rainjin-oh Dec 22, 2008