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Zevon not long for this world

Genre songwriter has terminal cancer

By Christopher Allan Smith     September 13, 2002

Warren Zevon, who while maybe not a household name in the era of Brittany and Moby, still has a warm spot in the heart of a lot of genre fans. The singer/songwriter of several genre-flavored songs, including the classic 1978's WEREWOLVES OF LONDON, has announced through his publicist he has inoperable, terminal lung cancer.

According to the announcement, Zevon will be spending time with his family and composing songs until this final end comes.

One of us to the end, Zevon was quoted in his statement, "I'm okay with it, but it'll be a drag if I don't make it till the next James Bond movie comes out."

Here's hoping the let him see an advanced preview.

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