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Vaineguardio 10/6/2009 1:00:09 AM

Am I really going to have to be the one to make you all feel abysmally stupid?... *sigh* guess so. 1: 90% of zombie movies end with humanity being wiped out by zombies so lets say the hordes exceed a population of 20 billion zombies 2: Vampires need "a certain red liquid" to sustain life... anybody have a guess what that may be? 3: What happens if you attempt to drink a zombies blood? if you guessed you become a zombie then WOW YOU GUESSED CORRECT! TELL EM' WHAT THEY'VE WON JOHNNY!! 4: The battle would ultimatly lead to... dear g0d... zombie/vampire hybrids... there you go movie producers... your welcome!.... so the win goes to zombies unless of course the vampires want to starve or become zombies themselves... whats sadder? I had to sign up to this creepy freakin' site just to point out everbodys stupidity.

JBBUC 10/8/2009 1:42:29 PM

 Does this guy actually get paid to write this crap?

Zame 1/21/2010 6:52:52 AM

Ok lets start with a breakdown of classic zombies and vampires

Dracula - Shapeshifting, Strength, Speed, Inteligent, need for human blood, and if anyone besides myself read the original a good deal of loyal humans that do his bidding.

Zombies - Slow, Dumb, Overwealming numbers, an overpowering hunger for living flesh with no care for their own survival.

So zombies out number vamps ok, i get it. But here is something that you should think about. A zombie will willingly run head first into a moving car to get the guy inside. A zombie also completely ignores weapons fire or natural hazards. Would the zombies really stop looking for humans to fight a vampire? I think not. So now the fight goes like this. Zombies walk around aimlessly looking for humans, Vampires collect humans and store them in fortified positions away from the zombies. Vampires then kill zombies without provoking any reactions. As their flesh is already dead zombies won't want it, and without the basic idea of self preservation zombies won't care all that much if a vampire is cutting off thier head.

ThunderJessica 2/10/2015 6:43:20 AM

 Mania are you aware that Deadliest Warriors are did this match? And the Vampires won?


I'm a girl and a geek


MrEt 2/10/2015 1:53:45 PM

I would have to disagree, there would be a few small fights where zombies would win, but I think that may be neglecting the huge amount of capital that vampires have ammased over the centures, Millenia? Vampires have political capital to influance human affairs, Financial capital to fund a protected retreat, and as mentioned they have a huge intillectual capital to pull from. The largest threat to the vampires is not the zombies, it would be humans now founded belief in the supernatual, thus giving birth to a new lineage of vampire hunters.

Of course the real question is what would the WereWolves do?

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