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Mania Review: Riddick (Article) - 9/6/2013 6:07:02 PM

 If you want good good scifi.   

The Zero Theorem Trailer (Article) - 9/3/2013 6:03:22 PM

 Liked the music,any ideas who it is?  The movie looks like a definite pass though.

The Zero Theorem Trailer (Article) - 9/3/2013 6:00:46 PM

 Liked the music,any ideas who it is?  The movie looks like a definite pass though.

Mania Box Office Report: The Butler Rules (Article) - 8/26/2013 5:29:24 PM

 Saw World's End, it had some good moments, some so so moments. 

Mania Box Office Report: Ass Kicked (Article) - 8/19/2013 10:25:42 AM

 Caught up on Elysium and Woverine this weekend.  Wolverine's story was okay, I didn't see any 200 mill worth of special effects in it.  As a matter of fact I thought it had less action than any Xmen film to date.  Elysium was good, but the story was a little simple, and the characters a little over the top.

Seventh Son Trailer (Article) - 7/16/2013 7:09:45 PM

 Looks good to me and I enjoyed H&G...

Godzilla Update Pre-Comic Con (Article) - 7/15/2013 10:55:29 AM

 I can't wait to see this on Netflix in low def, when I truly have nothing better to do...

Star Trek 3 to Film Next Year?! (Article) - 7/15/2013 10:53:59 AM

 Good, the sooner the filming the more likely an original 5 year mission story.

Cumberbatch For del Toro Frankenstein? (Article) - 7/9/2013 2:26:28 PM

 Who wouldn't want Cumberbatch in their movie?  He's pretty darn good.

Mania Box Office Report: Ranger Down (Article) - 7/8/2013 10:00:16 AM

 Remember they almost didn't make the Lone Ranger because Verbanski wanted a BIGGER budget.  Doesn't look like the foreign box offices are going to save this pic's losses like they did for John Carter.  Of course the reason Vebanski wanted a bigger budget is because he had that "unique once in a lifetime script" that obviously was all bull...


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